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Mothman in Middle Tennessee?


I-65 south of Nashville

I-65, where Sandy saw the flying creature.

Photo: Google Maps

I do not know what type of creature I witnessed on July 20, 2005. Was it the same “Mothman” creature of Point Pleasant, West Virginia fame? I do not know. Have any disasters happened near Nashville of the type that was the basis for the story and movie The Mothman Prophecies? Not to my knowledge. As with many other things paranormal I’ve investigated that cannot be quickly explained, it is a wait-and-see attitude that takes much patience before the final answer reveals itself.


How fortunate I felt afterward that I happened to be in the right place at the right time to personally witness such an elusive creature. It is not often that life, with its ironic twists and turns, affords an individual such a rare “once in a lifetime opportunity” – and even more rare for yet another sighting encounter. But that is exactly what transpired for me on May 16, 2008. My previous encounter occurred in the dark of night on a lonely country road where this creature was only illuminated by the headlights of my car, but this new sighting occurred in mid-afternoon next to and partially over a major interstate highway.

The time was approximately 2:30 p.m. on a Friday afternoon, and I was travelling south on Interstate 65 just south of Nashville. At this time of day, it is not unusual for there to be sporadic areas of congestion due to the usual mix of commuters heading home after work to the southern outlying counties, and for families on vacation heading to the warm, sun-soaked beaches of Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. I did not have a long distance to travel on I-65 before exiting onto the less congested I-840 outer loop, but my patience at what I perceived to be slower traffic in the fast lane causing these congested areas was not at a premium this day. Due to some quick in and out lane changing on my part, I was able to break free just past the Peytonsville Road exit.


Right past Peytonsville Road, I crested a small rise, and any hint of being near a major city disappeared. Farmland and rolling hills began to dot both sides of the interstate. From this position, I had an unrestricted view to the overpass for I-840, some two miles further down the road. At approximately one mile from 840, the interstate widens to three and four lanes. Just before the this widening beings, about 7/10ths of mile from my location, I noticed what I first believed to be a small, black-colored crop dusting plane or a large Estes-type model rocket emerging from a narrow valley to the right (heading west to east), and only 150 to 200 feet off the ground. Though crop dusting planes are not uncommon in this area, I dismissed these possibilities for lack of a landing gear or tail fins. I next wondered if it was a large vulture. Living in the country as I do and seeing vultures all the time, I dismissed this thought as well, for it was way too large for any vultures in this area.

By this time, my natural, insatiable curiosity to unravel a mystery was in full swing. Looking at it from the side, it was nearly impossible to determine what this “flying whatever” was. I was hoping that I would be able to observe it better and see more detail as it continued flying eastward. This would at least afford me the opportunity to view it from another angle. Instead and without warning, the thing executed an almost perfect hairpin turn directly over the far right lane and several slower traveling vehicles. At the same time, its body tilted to the right and downward, affording me a clear view, as if I was above it. It was at this point that I recognized the unmistakable characteristic shape of another “Mothman” type creature!


The color of the creature’s body was black, and from the neck down appeared kite shaped; its head was a rounded diamond shape and oversized. Its arms were extended outward, its hands at an 8 and 4 o’clock position away from its body on a horizontal line with its waist. A dark, solid web-like material, similar to a bat’s webbing, extended from both wrists along the arms to the armpits, then continued downward along both sides of the body past the waist to half-way between the knees and the feet.

When it first emerged from the narrow valley, its speed seemed rather slow and lackadaisical. It seemed oblivious or unaware of the traffic congestion along its flight path, but then when it reached the interstate itself and began the hairpin turn, its speed increased dramatically, but without flapping its wings. A few seconds later, the creature vanished from view. I do not feel it flew back into the valley itself, but instead, into the thick stand of trees on the neighboring hill and used its coloration as a camouflage to prevent further observation.

Sandy Nichols is the founder of Alien Research Group and author of Different Child, the "Illusional Fantasies and Illusional Realities" chapter of The Universal Seduction, Volume 3, and several articles on out-of-body experiences, past-life hypnosis, and alien encounters.

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