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Mexican Tongue Monster



This story takes place, I think, in the summer of 1995, making me 9 years old. Practically every other year, my family would take a trip to Florida. We would usually go to DisneyWorld, but my mother was getting sick of that, so that year we actually didn't go to DisneyWorld to my sister's and my dismay.

On one of these days, we were on a beach. I don't remember what the beach was called, but the people sitting next to us mentioned it being the bottom tip of Florida. After a while of nothing happening, everybody was either in the ocean or sunbathing silently. A woman sitting to the left of us pointed past us, to our right, asking, "What is that?" We all turned and looked to a surprisingly vacant corner of the beach. There were no people down there, but what was there was something really strange.

We all got up to get a better look, very quickly forming a crowd around it. If I had to describe the creature we saw in one word, that word would be "cartoonish." I will never forget what it looked like. It was green and looked like a ball of slime about the size of a basketball. It had tentacles resting on the ground around it with two longer tail-like tentacles sticking out of its back. The thing that was the most bizarre and made it look cartoonish were its eyes, which were on stalks that stood about a foot off its body. The eyes looked creepily human and just looked at us in an almost disinterested way. The other strange thing about it was its mouth, which never seemed to close, and where you'd expect teeth were tooth-shaped fleshy protrusions. No one, not even the creature, seemed scared, and after a while it lazily slithered back into the ocean.

There were roughly 10 witnesses to this thing, and we all spent most of our time talking about what it must have been. One idea was that it was a parasite organism for a much larger creature, one also possibly never identified.

This next story happened to my parents and aunt and uncle about two years ago. My parents had planned to go on a trip to Mexico, and since it was my aunt and uncle's anniversary, they invited them to go. I wasn't invited. Since it was apparently dangerous there for tourists, the hotel would have them driven to wherever they wanted to go instead of them traveling by themselves.

On a day about halfway through the trip, they did some diving and spent the rest of the day shopping. At the end of the day, it was starting to get dark, so they started to drive back. After a while of driving, they saw something weird. They were driving through farmland and the sun was setting below the horizon. They were all talking about their day while driving through a pig farm, when one of the other tourists looked out the window and said, "What's that?"

The driver pulled over to the side of the road. They all looked out the window and under the light of a street lamp they saw a creature walk out from behind some trees sneaking up behind some pigs. They said it stood four to four-and-a-half feet tall. It walked on all fours, its front legs taller than its back legs. The front legs ended with long, curved claws, like a sloths, and it walked on them like a monkey walks on its knuckles. It was gray with black on its back with a white line going down its spine, like a skunk, and it had a long head, like an anteater.

The thing that caught their eye was its tongue, which was so long it would never fit into its mouth. It was thick and round, unlike most animals, whose tongues are relatively flat, and ended with an inward curve like the letter J, dangling just a couple inches from the ground. They watched as it snuck up behind one of the pigs and stopped right behind it. Suddenly its tongue jumped to life and stabbed the pig in its hind quarters. The pig screamed out and fell to the ground silent. (Did the creature possibly inject it with some kind of venom?)

The driver slammed on the gas and sped away. After a little while of calming down, they started talking about what they saw. The driver called it el chupacabras. When they came home, they told us all about it, and another uncle came up with the great idea that they should each separately draw what they saw -- and what they drew was practically identical. The driver called it el chupacabras, but it doesn't sound like any description of chupacabras I've ever heard, so I just call it the Mexican Tongue Monster.

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