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Gnomes of Mexico



Many people around Mexico and many other parts of the world state and actually claim to have seen elves, gnomes or so. In Mexico, many people actually know them as duendes, an unexplainable and mysterious thing one can experience. Some very close relatives claimed to experience gnomes.

This took place in Guanajuato, Mexico. They state that when they used to live in the town of Guanajuato at the house of their mother, weird things kept on happening, such as hearing noises that didn't belong and things that had been moved from place to place. The older sister says that at nighttime, when she used to wake up, as she walked down to the kitchen, elves ran around trying to hide so they wouldn't be seen as she approached the kitchen. She states that she has caught several tiny elves on top of the table stealing, searching and eating foods that had been left from the day before.

The creepy part of the story is that she claims that the little elves seem to be old, hairy, with long beards, and actually looked poor and dirty. The elves actually wore old clothes, and you can actually distinguish ripped parts of their clothes that had been sewed back and also pieces of patches that had been sewed onto their clothes.

The feeling that she had experienced was that it was so frightened that you actually go onto a shock. Tha latest time she claims she had seen a gnome was at the kitchen when she actually saw one next to the refrigerator just standing there.

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