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Werewolf Sighting



On December 16th of 2008, my school had just finished mid-term testing, so three of my friends and I decided to go into the woods near my house in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. I'd never gone that far into these woods before, but I decided I was up to it, and we ventured in.

We came across an old waterway that would stop flooding. As we followed it, we were going further and further into the woods. I don't get scared easily, and I believe in the paranormal world, but it got really quiet, which creeped me out.

At 1:15 p.m., we saw a black figure moving through the woods. It was, I would say, given the distance, six feet tall. The creature's face was elongated, like that of a wolf, but it was humanoid in appearance and ran like a human. It moved faster than I can at top speed. Whatever it was stopped and looked around, as if it knew we were there. The creature took off shortly after. None of us wanted to move right away in case it came back, but we decided to leave.

Since that day, we have only told a handful of people what happened that day, and my friends wish to remain unnamed, so I will honor their wish. Now comes what I believe this creature to be. Given the stated details, I would say in all truthfulness that this creature that we saw, and that possibly saw us, was none other than a werewolf. I would never have believed this to be what I truly think it is if I did not see it for myself.

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