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Thunderbird Over North Dakota



I just got back from driving with my son to Minot, North Dakota, where my son is stationed in the Air Force as a military police officer (called security forces in the Air Force). While on the very long drive from New York, we had plenty of time to talk about a lot of things. With many hours alone in the truck, I asked him if he ever saw anything weird while on patrol. He works at night, so I was really wondering if he ever saw a UFO while he was patrolling the base perimeter.

He told me that he's never seen a UFO while on patrol, but he did see something strange just two weeks prior. That would be the first week in September, 2009. He told me that he had pulled over along the fence line to get out and have a cigarette, while his partner was resting in the passenger seat of their Humvee. The night was spectacular, he said, and then he noticed what he first thought was a black hang glider not too far from his position slowly gliding across the sky.

He said that with the moon out he could clearly see it. He grabbed his night vision equipment from the Humvee to make sure of what he was looking at, so that if it was someone trying to breach the perimeter fence he could call it in with a positive I.D. to the base command. He told me he was shocked to see that it was a huge, dark-colored bird with a wingspan about the size of a hang glider! He saw it slowly flap its wings several times, and that it mostly glided along. He tried to get his partner to get out of the Humvee to take a look, but his partner wasn't interested in seeing any bird. My son watched it for several minutes as it slowly flew off in the direction of Canada.

I told him that he saw a thunderbird, and he had never heard of such a thing (other than the Air Force jets). He only knew that the bird he saw had a wingspan of about 20 feet and that there was no way that he was going to call it in because they all would have thought he was crazy. He was absolutely positive in what he saw.

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