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Red-Eyed Roadside Cryptid Creature



The following happened in Vidor, Texas on June 20, 2000 around 1:00 am. I just got off from work and was headed east. On this road there is a 90 degree turn, and at times you have to watch because cattle might be out and on the road.

That morning that's what I thought had happened. No one else was on the road, but I saw red eyes that would look at the truck lights and look down over and over, and I knew something was not right.

I was driving on the left side of the road, and when I got close I noticed that this red-eyed creature stood about five foot tall and sported black hair all over its body.

I stopped the truck and got out my spotlight and shined it on this creature. It seemed like forever, but I know that it was only a few minutes. This creature raised its arm above its head and let out a terrible scream that I have heard before. It turned around and went behind a house and left.

I have heard this sound before when I lived on Teal Rd. in Orange, Texas, just a few miles from this location. I have traveled this road many times hoping to see this creature again and never have. I'm told this creature is related to Bigfoot.

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