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Cryptids, Monsters and Weird Creatures


The number and variety of strange creatures that people report seeing is astonishing. Of course, it's possible that they are misidentifying known creatures, but what if only some of these sightings are accurate? Here are reports of cryptids, monsters and other strange creatures.

Alien Worms

Nicholas and his brother find load-breathing worms with teeth.

Alien Worms Redux

"We noticed these odd pinkish-grey "worms." Some had fallen out of the palaverti tree. These worms, vuvelzela-shaped, with sharp teeth, were in trees and crushed under rocks...."

Another Creepy Creature

"I hadn't climbed as high as the other two girls and was looking in an easterly direction when I spotted a very skinny, lanky, very pale-skinned, naked-looking creature with long, skinny, rubbery arms and legs, with a disproportionately large bald head walking upright and very slowly in a southerly direction approximately 15 to 20 metres away in the bush...."

Another Striped-Tail Cryptid Sighting

"It had a face that I would describe as a cross between an armadillo and a wild boar, yet smaller in size, if you can imagine that...."

Another Two-Dimensional Being

"The thing was very tall, taller than a man, and black. Most startling of all was that it was in two dimensions, like a projection without a screen...."

Banshee Vision

"She held in her left hand an old fashioned wash board. I wondered who she was; she gave me a big smile and faded away...."

The Beast of the Moor

"They were almost like giant human hand prints in the snow, with deeper indentations at the fingertips, as if the creature had been gripping the snow...."

Beautiful Banshee

"This time we saw a beautiful young woman in a yellow and green flowing dress. The only frightening parts were her face and hands...."

Bizarre Australian Creature

In 1999, Jessica sees a strange, small blue creature in the shrubbery.

Cartoon Trademark Vision

"Amongst the bottles was a creature that appeared to be made of fire...."
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