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Gallery of Religious Mysteries and Miracles


Photos of anomalies, mysteries and miracles from around the world
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  1. Apparitions: Marian Apparition in EgyptApparitions: Marian Apparition in Egypt
  2. Apparitions: Marian Apparition in HungaryApparitions: Marian Apparition in Hungary
  3. Incorruptibles: Paul of MollIncorruptibles: Paul of Moll
  4. Stigmata: Nun with StigmataStigmata: Nun with Stigmata
  5. Stigmata: Hand StigmataStigmata: Hand Stigmata
  6. Stigmata: Feet StigmataStigmata: Feet Stigmata
  7. Bleeding Statue of MaryBleeding Statue of Mary
  8. Shroud of TurinShroud of Turin

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