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Amazing Predictions

From "non-psychic" people, both famous and ordinary


Nostradamus... Edgar Cayce... Mother Shipton... Jeanne Dixon… we've heard time and again of their remarkable prophecies and predictions. Yet prophecies aren't restricted to the prophets and psychics. Astonishing and eerily accurate predictions have also come from unexpected sources - famous and ordinary people alike.

As evidenced by these fascinating examples, in the right time and place, under the correct circumstances, even those who previously have demonstrated no psychic ability are somehow able to tap into the mysterious dimension of time to see the future.

The Farmhand Prophet

One unlikely seer was a young man by the name of Robert Nixon, who worked as a plowboy in the county of Cheshire, England in the late 15th century. Because he rarely spoke, and usually babbled incomprehensibly when he did, Nixon was thought to be mentally retarded. When he seemed to predict the ascension of Henry VII to the throne, he was brought before the new king, who was impressed by this simple farm worker's apparent clairvoyance. Most astonishing, however, was Nixon's prediction of his own death: he prophesied that he would starve to death in the royal palace. The king thought this absurd, as he was able to provide great banquets to the lad, and ordered that Nixon could eat anything, anytime he desired.

There came a day when King Henry had to travel and left Nixon in the care of a trusted officer. Feeling responsible for this unusual young man's protection, the officer locked him in the king's closet. As it would happen, this officer was also called away from London, forgetting to leave instructions for caring for Nixon... as well as the key to the closet. Nixon starved to death.

Cyrano: The Nose Knows

The name of Cyrano de Bergerac is known today as the long-nosed, sword-wielding 17th century character of books, plays and film. He was indeed a real person, a French writer and scholar who also made some remarkable predictions about future technology, including:

  • voyages to the moon
  • travel by rocket propulsion
  • houses that could be moved to follow seasonable weather (today's RVs)
  • machines that could record and play back the human voice
  • light bulbs

One more idea of de Bergerac's, which has yet to be verified, is recognizable to those who are familiar with such writers of today as Erich von Däniken, Zecharia Sitchin and others: that the gods of myth and legend were actually extraterrestrials.

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