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Am I having prophetic dreams?


Question: Am I having prophetic dreams?
"I have had several prophetic dreams," writes Tessa D. "One of a child drowning in a swimming pool. The next day the same house in my dream was on the news and a child had drowned there. Another of a plane going down, but no one killed... and again I saw it on the news. In all of the dreams, I am in them. I am not sure what to make of these experiences. Any information or contacts you can give me would be appreciated. I am a Christian and so I am a little confused and leery of what to make of this or what to do about it."
Answer: One of the best things you can do if you believe you are having prophetic dreams -- or premonitions of any kind -- is to document them. Write them down in detail and date them. Keep a journal. See if the premonitions come to pass, and with documentation you can prove it. There is even an online database for this purpose: <a href="http://mainportals.com/precog.shtml">Central Premonitions Registry</a>.

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