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Ouija Board and Divination

What you need to know about various forms of divination, including automatic writing, dowsing, scrying, Tarot, pendulums, seances and more.
  1. Automatic Writing (9)
  2. Channeling (15)
  3. Dowsing (11)
  4. Ouija Boards (25)
  5. Psychic Phenomena
  6. Scrying (5)
  7. Witchcraft and Spells

All About Tarot
Includes essays on the Tarot, answers to frequently asked questions, how to properly form a Tarot question, the authenticity question and decks.

Astral Divination with the I Ching
The author reveals a strikingly original method of using the I Ching, one which requires magical practice rather than consultation with a book.

What dowsing is and how it's used.

Pendulum Magic
A pendulum is an amazing tool that can be used for many different purposes. When someone holds it by the thread and asks a question, the weight moves and provides the answer.

Tarot and Dreams: Interpreting the Symbols of the Soul
Use the Tarot to interpret the meaning of your dreams on different levels.

Tarot: It's Not Just for Fortune Telling Anymore
Barbara Moore, author of What Tarot Can Do for You, explains some of the many lesser-known uses of the Tarot.

World Wide Web I Ching
Type a question in the window, then "throw the coins" to see what the I Ching portends for you.

Spiritualist Experience
Your True Tales of Spiritualist Experience - February 2011

Tarot Mayhem
Your True Tales of Tarot Mayhem - February 2011

Weird Levitation in Science Class
Weird Levitation in Science Class - Your True Tales - August 2013

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