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The Ouija Board: Is It Really Evil?


We cannot blame the Ouija board. In fact, if you press the paranormal researcher who warns against evils of the Ouija with the question: How can a device made of pressed cardboard and plastic possibly be evil? They will relent and say, “Well, it’s not really the board itself, it’s the people and the act of using it....”

Exactly. It’s not the board, it’s not a hoard of demons lying in wait... it’s the energy of the people involved.

And back to those tales of the Ouija for a moment. The stories about good and positive experiences with the board are not as widely publicized. (People want to read scary Ouija stories.) Many people have actually received useful information from the board. On one of the rare occasions that I have used a Ouija (although I have several in my house – without any ill effects, I might add), I asked it for some lottery numbers. I tried those numbers, and although I did not win the jackpot, I did win $40 – the most I’ve ever won with a lottery ticket. I hasten to add here that I tried getting more winning numbers from the Ouija without any success. So was my one win due to the Ouija or just a coincidence?


Now let’s return to the Ouija as it relates to ghost hunting, which is how I originally began to think about this article.

Can the “mystifying oracle” really be used to communicate with ghosts? I don’t know. As I said, I suspect that the board’s effects are most likely generated by the users’ subconscious. But again, for the sake of argument, let’s say that the talking board can communicate with the spirit world, as many spirit mediums of the late 19th and early 20th century believed it could. Why, then, isn’t it used as a tool for possible spirit communication by today’s ghost hunting groups?

We actually answered that question earlier: They’re afraid of it. They’ve been told that the Ouija can open a portal to negative forces – a portal that once open is difficult to close and can lead to dire consequences. If this is so, then I once again have to ask: What makes the Ouija – this thing of cardboard and plastic – so special in this regard?

Why aren’t all the other tools that ghost hunters use to communicate with the spirit world also considered portals? What about dowsing rods? What about those ghost boxes? What about cameras and camcorders? What about all those voice recorders they use to capture EVP? After all, they’re not just spelling out words, they’re capturing actual voices! Why wouldn’t those pesky demons-in-wait also jump at the chance to use those tools as a means of entering our dimension to work their nefarious misdeeds? Do they have a special affinity for the Ouija board? Do they have a contract with Hasbro?

(Suffice it to say, the religious fundamentalist would almost certainly agree that all of those ghost hunting tools are potential portals for Satan!)


Now, I’m not promoting the use of the Ouija board in ghost hunting. I’m not promoting anything. I just don’t see the logic in discriminating against it when many of the other tools used are trying to do the same thing.

But maybe it’s too late to use it. Maybe the Ouija has such a bad reputation as an instrument of evil that it might be difficult to use it without people freaking out. Maybe it is now too difficult to get a good intention going for it.

Perhaps that’s why a few clever manufacturers have come out with talking boards with a positive spin. Guiding Light Products offers the Guiding Light Angel Board (“not a Ouija but an Angel Board, talk with Angels and Spirit Guides”), Light of Change has the Angel Light Communication Board, and Doreen Virtue gives us the Angel Guidance Board.

Wow! Finally! Now I can try to get those winning lottery numbers without worrying about demons crawling under my rug. I’ll have angels – the good guys – guiding me instead!

But wait... What if it’s all a trick? What if Satan has contracts with these manufacturers, too, and he’s just using this angel angle as a ruse to mess with our heads and possess us? Doh! Gosh darn that trickster Satan!

If I want someone to mess with my head, I’ll use Stonerware’s Weed-Ja, the marijuana-themed talking board. Talk about making contact with other worlds, man....

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