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Tales of the Ouija



I've been using the Ouija board for almost seven years now and have had very few bad experiences, and none that I would consider evil. I do have one particular entity that I talk to pretty regularly named Wiz. He claims to be my spirit guide. He also claims to be my brother from a previous life – in 700s Scandinavia! He's not really good with numbers. I haven't been able to get any winning lottery numbers from him yet, but he is decent at telling me about events yet to come, at least to an extent.

Sometimes, he would tell me what he thought I wanted to hear, but there is the occasional nugget he does give me. Before May of 2008, my wife had never used a Ouija in a serious attempt to contact the other side. After convincing her that it was safe, in May '08 in Columbia, South Carolina, she and I managed to make contact with Wiz. Wiz and I were old friends by then, and although she had heard me talk about him, she had never talked to him herself.

Wiz told us that she would get pregnant and would be due in June of '09. By October, I had nearly forgotten all he said, my notes tucked away along with notes for the novel I'm working on. We found out at the end of October that she's pregnant, and at the time of the first doctor's appointment she was due July 1st. During the second doctor's visit, the doctor adjusted the due date to June 23! About a week later, I was going through my novel notes and found the ones from the Ouija conversation. I nearly fell out of my chair.

Wiz has given me the whole backstory for my novel – my life in 700s Scandinavia – and has, I feel, kept watch over me as I work on it. My novel is currently on HarperCollins' online slushpile, but Wiz has told me that HarperCollins will not like it but it will be picked up by another publisher. Whether or not he's right about that, I don't know. Whether or not he's right about anything, I don't know. Whether or not I'm just reading too much into coincidences, I don't know. Is it my subconscious that has told me these things? I don't know, but if it is, wouldn't that be an amazing thing in and of itself? – Kenn Phillips

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