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Top Paranormal Events of 2011


2011 WAS ANOTHER incredible year for the paranormal. There were ghost sightings, ghost pictures and video, dozens of Bigfoot sightings and lots of alleged Bigfoot videos. There were also sightings of Mothman, the Loch Ness Monster and other crypto-creatures. There were reports of psychic phenomena, work by psychic detectives, stories of exorcisms and miracles... and a lot more, as you'll see in this roundup of the entire year.


Ghost photos. Alleged ghost photos were presented from: the Horse and Groom pub in Braintree, U.K.; the ghost of former pub landlady; Michael Wright of Milton, Florida claimed to photograph a ghost in his backyard; a ghost was supposedly photographed in the closet of model Emilia Attias; in June, a photo showing a ghostly form shocked guests at a wedding reception; another pub ghost photo was said to be taken at The Lower Buck Inn in Waddington; Diane Berthelot shared an amazing ghost photo taken at a north Norfolk church 36 years ago; The Ozark Mountain Paranormal Investigation Team offered what they said is a genuine ghost photo; in October, an eerie, ghostly photo taken at the Pearl Harbor memorial was released; a photo was released of supposed "X-rated" ghost activity in Ohio; and in December, an Indiana family believed they captured a sweeping ghost on a cell phone camera.

Poltergeists. Bothersome poltergeist activity was reported: A couple said that poltergeist drove them out of their home in Frodsham, Cheshire, U.K.; a series of mysterious fires devastates the home of a family of 11; a family in Coventry called an exorcist because of poltergeist activity in their home (video); a candy shop in Cardross, Dunbartonshire, U.K. complained of a playful poltergeist; and at the Rocky Mountain Canary General Store, staff reported a hair-pulling ghost.

Haunted places. An amusement park ride in Surrey was moved because of ghost sightings; the house where American Idol contestants stayed was said to be haunted; then in October it was claimed that the X Factor house was haunted, too; and America's oldest timber frame house in Dedham, Massachusetts was reported to be haunted.


Psychic detectives. Psychics lent their power to: help solve a missing person case in Ireland; successfully locate a serial killer; and a private investigator testifies that a psychic directed him to the spot where Caylee Anthony's body was found.

Psy-ops. A U.S. General admitted he ordered the use of psychic operations on U.S. Senators visiting Afghanistan to try to get additional funding. In May it was revealed that psychic spies might have been recruited to search for Osama Bin Laden.

Predictions. A psychic on YouTube claimed to predict the earthquake tsunami in Japan.

Psychic Sylvia Brown suffered a heart attack while in Hawaii in March.

Steve Jobs, it was revealed in October, sought a psychic healer for his cancer. It was also speculated that Jobs might have had a deathbed vision.

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