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Top Paranormal Events of 2011



Bigfoot sightings. Bigfoot sightings were reported: in Winnepeg; near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Feb. 8; a white Sasquatch was sighted in Oregon on May 14; near Grafton, Australia in May; near Colorado Springs, Colorado in May; it was claimed that two Bigfoot, an adult and a juvenile, had been shot and killed, and that their bodies would be used to provide DNA evidence (so far, nothing has been forthcoming); near Hillsboro, Illinois in October; and in north Georgia.

Bigfoot photos and video. Bigfoot or Sasquatch was possible captured in images: on a trailcam; skipping across a road in North Carolina in March; an interesting video of a creature in the woods came out of the Ukraine; in a Michigan woods in April; in Ketchikan, Alaska in May; a hiker in Spokane, Washington captured what she believes is Bigfoot on her cell phone; a Bigfoot faceprint on a window was revealed in June; a game cam in Vermont caught an interesting photo of possible female Sasquatch with infant, bending down to pick up apples; this video was shot in Minnesota in July; in August, Todd Standing revealed what he believes is a close-up shot of Bigfoot; another possible Bigfoot with baby video was recorded in Utah; and this one was shot in Colorado; Larry Surface released an interesting Bigfoot video shot in his backyard, but later pulled the video off the site; in Russia, Yeti hunters took photos of twisted trees and nests they said the Yeti was responsible for; kids around a campfire in Utah think they videotaped a Bigfoot in the background.

Mothman. There was a claimed sighting of Mothman near Cincinnati, Ohio; and a Mothman encounter was reported in Alaska in April.

Chupacabras. An attack by the goat sucker was reported in Tapachula, Mexico in February; in April, construction workers in Pucón, Chile unearthed a strange skeleton they thought might be that of a chupacabras; and in September-October, chpacabras was blamed for livestock kills in Russia.

Orang-Pendek. In March, Adam Davies launched his search in Sumatra for the "short man" of the forests.

Loch Ness Monster. A sighting was reported in June by Foyers shop and cafe owner Jan Hargreaves and her husband Simon. And a new photo was offered of the creature in July by 62-year-old William Jobes; in September, a fisherman got a big sonar hit in the loch; and interesting images of the loch were spotted on Google Earth.

Others. A mystery monster was photographed in the Mersey river in the U.K. in May; a Nessie-type creature described as having long neck and horse-like head was filmed in Alaska in July; and a new Ogopogo sighting and video was reported in November.


Atlantis. Researchers claimed to have found the lost city of Atlantis in southern Spain. In July it was reported that an "Atlantis-like landscape" had been discovered beneath the sediment of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Crystal skull. A mysterious crystal skull thought to have belonged to Hitler's SS chief Heinrich Himmler was discovered in Germany.

Camelot. Archaeologists searching for King Arthur's round table found a "circular feature" beneath the historic King's Knot in Stirling.

Desert cities. Satellites revealed unknown lost cities beneath the sands of the Sahara.


Unexplained animal deaths. There were strange deaths of: birds in January; flamingos fell from the sky in Siberia in March; and more mysterious bird deaths in October, these in South Carolina.

Vanishing water. Water mysteriously disappeared from a water tower in Argentina; and a swimming pool in Argentina.

Strange rain. It rained fish in the desert near Lajamanu, Australia; it rained worms on a school yard in Edinburgh; and mysterious globs of "star jelly" fell on the Lake District of the U.K.

Crop circles. 2011's first crop circle was discovered near Wiltshire in May; another cropped up near Stonehenge in July; and in October, crop glyphs appeared in Chicoana, Argentina.

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