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Top Paranormal Events of 2012



Bigfoot sightings and news. Dr. Melba Ketchum submitted an academic paper on her examination of alleged Bigfoot DNA, which showed it was a human relative, but unknown... but the paper was rejected by peer review. Nevertheless, Facebook/FindBigfoot (FBFB), the social network with 30,000+ Bigfoot enthusiasts, declared 2013 would be "The Year of Bigfoot". More than 120 sequential Bigfoot prints were found near Eugene, Oregon.

Alabama residents reportedly spotted what seemed to be a Bigfoot-like creature in Newbern, Hale County. And Bigfoot tracks were documented in Salt Fork, Ohio. A team of researchers began an expedition to the Shennongjia forest of China in search of Bigfoot. A woman swore she saw three Bigfoot near Yakima, Washington.

A strange hairy humanoid of considerable size was reported in Salta Province, Argentina. Then a man was hit by a car and killed trying to pull off a Bigfoot hoax. The sheriff's department in Wisconsin investigated a Sasquatch sighting. And an anonymous former National Guardsman claims that Mount St. Helens burnt Bigfoot.

Two women in Quebec spotted Sasquatch while berry picking. A Bigfoot sighting was reported in Panola County, Texas. And Spike TV teamed up with Lloyd's of London to offer a $10 million prize to reality show participants who could prove Bigfoot exists. Meanwhile, a biological scientist claimed that some 200 Yeti live in a large area of southern Siberia.

Bigfoot researcher Jeffrey Meldrum announced plans to hunt for the creature via a blimp. Bigfoot was blamed for destroying a Sasquatch researcher's apple orchard. But The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation said definitively that there is no Bigfoot. Meanwhile, residents reported an 8-foot hairy apeman with demonic red eyes stalking Tunbridge Wells, U.K.

Bigfoot photos, videos, and recordings. The Sasquatch Hunters claimed to capture a Bigfoot on thermal camera. Purported Bigfoot sounds were recorded near Conway, New Hampshire. Photographs of a possible unrecognized bipedal hominid were taken in Oklahoma. And Bigfoot vocalizations were caught on audio by Yeti enthusiasts.

With a video, Idaho students claimed a Bigfoot sighting. Residents of a cabin on lake just outside Lady Evelyn Smoothwater Park in Temagami Ontario, Canada claimed to take a photo of Bigfoot. A Dallas businessman said he could prove the existence of Bigfoot with a picture he took in Shelby County. A photo of Bigfoot was purportedly taken near the town of Happy Camp, California in the canyons of the Klamath Mountains. And a YouTube video claimed that a Bigfoot was on the loose in the Ohio woods.

A photo was taken of a possible Sasquatch in the Rocky Mountains. Another possible Bigfoot photo made it on Field & Stream's list of "The 56 Best Wildlife Shots from Our 2012 Fall Contest". A scary recording of a possible Bigfoot cry came out of Oregon. And more possible Bigfoot sounds from central Michigan. A camper filmed an interesting video of a possible Bigfoot outside his tent near San Antonio Sept. 6. And this video was taken on snow-covered ground in Ohio.

Mothman. A woman claimed to have taken a photo of Mothman through her door's peephole.

Chupacabras. Chupacabras attacks were reported from Michoacán, Mexico.

Lake monsters. Observers wondered if an Iceland lake monster was captured on film. A lake monster was reported in Montana. A mysterious finned creature was sighted and videotaped off the Skegness coast. And a couple reported a cryptid encounter on Lake Leelanau, Michigan.

Others. A "dog-headed pig monster" terrorized Africa. A man claimed that leprechauns beat him up for dancing. Mass cattle mutilations were reported in Formosa, Argentina. There were strange experiences in Chile with possible interdimensional beings. Five goats mutilated in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. Indonesian villagers were mystified by strange animal attacks. And a mystery animal attacked livestock in Kentucky.


Atlantis. An Atlantis-like country was discovered off Scottish coast.

Easter Island. The Easter Island heads were found to have bodies!

Stonehenge. One scientist said Stonehenge was based on a "magical" auditory illusion. And other research found that Stonehenge was a monument marking unification of Britain.


Spooklights. Michigan Tech students said they solved the mystery of the Paulding Light.

Unexplained sounds. Mysterious, unexplained sounds, seemingly coming from the sky, were reported all over the world. An Oklahoma man reported "strange sounds" and "sky trumpets" near his home. A mysterious hum that only Canadians could hear was debated. Villagers in India were spooked over mysterious underground sounds. And a weird hum bothered Seattle residents.

Strange rain. Weird weather rained seaweed over Gloucestershire village. A high school teacher was injured by fish falling from the sky. And a mystery goo -- "space jelly" -- was found in a garden.

Crop circles. The 2012 crop circle season began in earnest in Britain in June. Mysterious African "fairy circles" stumped scientists. Mysterious crop circles appeared in a Washington wheat field. Strange underwater "crop circles" were discovered off the coast of Japan. And a Russian cosmonaut, backed by 50 other scientists, claimed to have cracked the crop circle code, which reveals that a pole shift is impending, but its end result will be a shift into 4th dimensional consciousness. Yippee!

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