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6 Signs That You Might Be Psychic


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If you've always suspected that you have extrasensory perception, here are six signs that you indeed might be psychic

THOSE WHO HAVE made a lifetime of the study of psychic phenomena suspect that most, if not all of us are psychic to one degree or another. I'm sure most of us can point to events in our lives that indicate instances of telepathy (communication of thoughts) or precognition (knowing what is going to happen). Perhaps it's only happened once or a few times.

Perhaps, however, it happens to you quite frequently. Can you then be considered truly, strongly psychic? Here are six signs to look for.

1. You know the phone is going to ring and who is calling

We have all experienced this phenomenon, and when it happens once in awhile we can chalk it up to coincidence. Or perhaps there are people who call you regularly at expected times. Those instances we can dismiss.

But have you ever sensed a phone call from someone totally unexpected - perhaps someone you haven't heard from in years? Then the phone rings and it is that person! This could be an indication of the psychic phenomenon known as precognition - knowing something before it happens. And if this kind of thing happens on a fairly regular basis, you might be psychic.

2. You know your child, or someone else very close to you, is in trouble

We all worry about the safety our loved ones, especially when they are separated from us. Quite naturally, parents carry a deep concern about their children when they are at school, off with other children, or away on a trip. But we temper this worry or concern (or try to) with reason and an acknowledgment that our loved ones cannot always be under our supervision.

There have been many cases, however, in which a parent knows that her child has been injured or is in trouble. This is no ordinary worry. The feeling is so intense and persistent that the parent is compelled to check on the child - and sure enough, there has been an accident. Such a psychic connection has been documented between parent and child, spouses and partners, siblings and, of course, twins. If you have had such as experience, you might be psychic.

3. You know a place before you go to it

Perhaps you have had the experience or going to a person's house that you've never been to before, yet everything about it is familiar. This can happen when house shopping, too. You know exactly where every room is, what it looks like, and how it is decorated. You may even have knowledge of tiny details, such as chipped paint or unusual light fixtures. Yet you know you have never been there before.

It could be that you have been to the place before and have forgotten. Or perhaps this is a case of déjà vu - that eerie feeling that we've done or seen an exact thing before. But déjà vu is usually a fleeting feeling about a brief exchange of words, gestures or sights. It is rarely prolonged or vividly detailed. (See the book The Déjà Vu Enigma by Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman.) So if you have this knowing about a place you never been to before, you might be psychic.

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