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Dreaming of the future

Dreams and future

Stephen Wagner

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February 26, 2011

Can dreams predict the future?
When disaster strikes, people often claim that they foresaw the tragedy. But are such premonitions really possible? In an extract from his new book Paranormality, psychologist Richard Wiseman explains how our sleeping minds can trick us...

Electronic telepathy is around the corner
Along with all the hubbub about the victory of IBM's Watson supercomputer over human competitors on Jeopardy, there has been a lot of talk about the "Singularity," in which computers move closer to matching the intelligence of humans, and humans embed more technology to augment their own bodies...

Bigfoot search planned in N.C.
Rick Lunsford, a Wilkes County resident who says he saw Bigfoot more than 30 years ago, is planning an expedition to look for proof of the elusive creature. Lunsford plans a March 5 expedition to search for evidence in the Roten Creek Road area in Wilbar. That is where he says he saw the creature back in late August or September 1978, when he was 20 years old...

Exorcism: Why does the Catholic church still try to drive out demons?
Father Gabriele Amorth has carried out more than 70,000 exorcisms but fewer than 100 have been cases of genuine demonic possession. The chief exorcist of the diocese of Rome quotes this second figure as if to comfort me, but to a modern Catholic, convinced that the Devil is just a face the church has traditionally put to the otherwise intangible presence of evil in the world, 100 sounds like an awful lot of encounters with someone I don't believe exists...

Chupacabras strikes in Mexico
The carcasses were found in the vicinity of the train station and the Pemex facilities, scattered on the ground and betraying impressive puncture marks that do not correspond to any animal endemic to the region or passing through, according to Amalia García. The four sheep had their blood extracted -- apparently -- through a hole in their throats. According to local residents, this may constitute the reappearance of the Chupacabras...

Time slip in Oregon
Wedding guests at the Troutdale, Ore., resort Edgefield in the summer of 2006 had an urgent request for the catering staff - more wine. Michael Reed worked that wedding and didn't expect this moment of celebration to burn terror into his memory...

The creatures that came to Toledo
Sam McConnich is a member of the Frontiers of Zoology group that grew up in Toledo Ohio. He claims a couple of sightings of unusual creatures there in the 1970s. One was a water monster in a river that runs into Lake Erie and the other was a "Thunderbird" sighting...

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