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Are chupacabra recollections real?
As reported here on Discovery News and elsewhere, the origin of the mysterious vampire beast el chupacabra can be traced back to an eyewitness who saw the 1995 film Species, which featured an identical monster. Most people assume that the chupacabra dates back decades, though in my research the best evidence so far is that it has only been around for about 15 years...

Bigfoot in North Carolina Video: skipping Sasquatch or hillbilly hoax?
According to the Daily Mail, 'Vietnam veteran Thomas Byers is convinced the creature he caught on film is a North Carolina Bigfoot. Byers should know as he claims this was his third encounter with a Bigfoot. The location of Byer's Bigfoot sighting: a country road in Rutherford County in North Carolina. The other witness: Byer's friend Carolyn Wright. The first video, a five second clip of the North Carolina Bigfoot. In the second video Byers explains his earlier encounters with a Bigfoot...

Russia sets up university institute to study the yeti after spate of sightings
Russia is setting up a university research institute to study the Yeti after a spate of claimed recent sightings in Siberia. Scientists say they have found 15 witnesses in the past year who gave statements that they saw the Abominable Snowman in one remote area ...


15,000-year-old campsite in Texas challenges conventional story of American settlement
15,000 years ago, humans camped in a lush Texas valley, leaving thousands of artifacts behind, from tools to face paint. This could be definitive proof that ancient people arrived in America by boat, not by walking the Bering Strait...


Will earthbound comet fulfill 2012 prophecy?
It's nearly 300 million miles away and barreling toward us. The intruder from deep space, called called comet Elenin, crosses Earth's orbit on its inbound leg and again on its outbound swing around the sun later this year. Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin discovered the innocuous little comet on Dec. 10, 2010, at International Scientific Optical Network's robotic observatory near Mayhill, New Mexico...


Witness photographs strange object over Louisiana
Ken Pfeifer: I am a photographer, and on March 19th I was outside taking pictures of the moon during its lunar perigee. My grandparents were also outside with me, playing with my daughter on her swing set. While aiming my shot of the moon I noticed what I thought was some debris on my lens, so I cleaned it and prepared to try the shot again. I observed at this point that I could make out the object only through the camera lens, and that it was not obvious to the naked eye...


Frankenstein, through the eyes of the monster
In October 2010 Brooklyn-based theater company Rabbit Hole Ensemble presented The Tragic Story of Doctor Frankenstein as part of a year-long exploration of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Now the company has returned with its second installment, Doctor Frankenstein's Magical Creature, telling the tale from the monster's point of view...

Bonaduce, Williams set for "Bigfoot" flick
Former U.S. television stars Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce are teaming up for a small-screen flick called "Bigfoot," Syfy announced...

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