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The Latest Paranormal News and Views


The Latest Paranormal News and Views

Up-to-the-minute reports of paranormal activity and news from around the world

April 12, 2011


Do you have a ghost?
A Toronto production company wants to know if you have a ghost, seriously! Big Coat Productions is producing an original series that they believe will leave audiences wondering who or what they share their homes with. One local family in Webbwood will be featured on the series, and while the crew is here, they want to know if anyone has an interesting story to share with the television public...

Neve Campbell says she's seen a ghost
"Scream 4" actress Neve Campbell has said her former house in Los Angeles was haunted and she used to see a woman who had been murdered in the home...

Investigators claim ghosts at fairground
Paranormal investigators in California say they have collected 130 recordings of ghostly voices from the Del Mar Fairgrounds grandstand...

Taking on the old hag
It's so common, we have a slang term for it: seeing the old hag. For Denise (not her real name), however, the fact that it's typical didn't make it any easier to endure, and at one point, she found herself meeting with her parish priest, asking for an exorcism...

Do aliens speak to dead people


Wild man of the woods, 1831
Frederick, Maryland, Frederick Town Herald, February 12, 1831...

That Yeti attack on a sherpa woman
Loren Coleman: Let us further critique "Hunt for the Abominable Snowman," being rebroadcast often on National Geographic Channel. Specifically, one interview sticks out. In National Geographic's recent documentary, "Hunt for the Abominable Snowman," there was a segment with a woman who said she had been attacked by a Yeti...

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