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Pterosaur with lumberjacks

Pterosaur with lumberjacks


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August 9, 2011


The real Entity case
Dr. Barry Taff: Contrary to what many people believe, the case of Doris Bither, that later became the novel and motion picture "The Entity," was not, in my professional opinion, the result of spectral rape, .a.k.a. spectrophilia, but a rather disturbingly real poltergeist outbreak...
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Police employed "to guard haunted house"
Two Serbian police cars were seen parked in front of a house in Novi Pazar, southwestern Serbia, whose owners reported it was haunted by a supernatural being...

The ghosts of Wilson's Creek
Over the weekend of 12-14 August, the Wilson's Creek Foundation will mark the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Wilson's Creek with a major re-enactment of the engagement, and once again the ground and trees will shake to the roar of cannon and the clatter of muskets. If some of the stories told about the site are to be believed, however, the fighting never fully went away...
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Spirit "captured" in photos during ritual
A group of friends had a shock of their life when they found that they "captured" images of a spirit in the photographs they took during a Hungry Ghost ritual recently...
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Lost "Thunderbird" photo
Loren Coleman: Cryptomundian momerath brings this photo to the attention of Cryptomundo. So what is the origin of this photograph of some kind of giant flying reptile (not a "Thunderbird") with humans? No info on the actual source...
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Bigfoot spotted here
Unidentified flying objects, little green men, spirits of those who passed away and legends of haunted houses don't interest Marc DeWerth because he's never encountered any of them. What does interest Marc is Bigfoot, because he claims he's seen one in Ohio...

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