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Cattle Mutilation in Argentina

Cattle Mutilation in Argentina

Andrea Pérez Simondini, Visión OVNI

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August 13, 2011


Ghostly encounters?
Sarah Schuerman said it would happen when she was alone in the kitchen. "When you are all alone you get tapped on the shoulder, but no one is there," she told me recently at Chances restaurant and bar in Rochester, Wis. Chances, built in 1843 is haunted, so say its past and present owners and family members...

Serbian house allegedly haunted
The Serbian owner of a purportedly haunted house said the spirit has been there for at least four nights and locals said police are keeping crowds from forming...
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Three tales of the ghostly, ghastly and ghoulish
John Baxter: When people hear you're a writer, they often ask "where do you get your ideas?" I sometimes wonder too, but in most cases I curb my curiosity. The eccentric private lives of certain authors, their unconventional lifestyles, their all-round touch of strange carry an implied warning - my friend, you don't want to know...


Bigfoot sighting in Minnesota woods (video)
What is this thing? Now that the Department of Natural Resources claims to have solved Minnesota's chupacabra mystery, they're going to have to tell us what the hell this thing is...
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Do Children have a sixth sense?
Kid Radar-they have a sixth sense that signals their parents are going to (a) talk about something important, (b) sit down with that cup of coffee and talk about anything, (c) hug or show affection, (d) relax, or (e) make life-altering decisions. They sense weakness and then hover like vultures...
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Teenage girl seconds away from death saved by holy water 'miracle'
A teenager who came out of a coma after a priest put holy water on her head says she owes her life to a miracle...
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Anthropologists tackle 2012
There are 1000s of people who think that something important-if not the end or the world, then something-will happen on December 21, 2012. These speculations spring from a well-seasoned cultural melting pot, but a key ingredient is the writings and beliefs of both ancient and modern Maya people. In fact, the folks promoting the 2012 movement often frame themselves as experts in Maya traditions...


Experts say belief in paranormal common in US
Tours of places thought by some to be haunted by ghosts are given in Jefferson, Texas Surveys show that more than two thirds of Americans accept the existence of ghosts, visitors from outer space, astrology and other paranormal phenomena. While the more sophisticated might think of these people as crazy, social scientists take a different view. ..

Argentina: cattle mutilation investigation in Entre Rios
The remains were inspected, which displayed advanced signs of decomposition due to the time that elapsed between the moment we learned of the story and our arrival at the site...

Riddle of the late night rumblings that caused a sonic boom in Norfolk
Experts and amateurs alike believe a sonic boom - triggered by a meteorite or aircraft - caused strange tremors to shake homes and spook pets. The rattling was reported by people across the county, including Norwich, North Walsham, Gayton, Belton, Cringleford and South Lopham at about 10.30pm on Tuesday...
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