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Sun Inn ghost

Sun Inn ghost

Photo: Sun Inn ghost

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August 20, 2011


Paranormal researcher claims to catch spirit on camera
The Sun Inn in Bethlehem has long been the subject of tales of the supernatural, but one paranormal researcher said he caught what he believes to be a spirit on camera last month...
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Haunted houses of Wales: Where you're most likely to spot spooks
After the tragic tale of a servant's suicide emerged this week with a hoax picture of a ghost outside the historic Llanelly House, revisit some of Wales' supposedly haunted buildings...

Top 13 best haunted houses for 2011
Whether you're getting geared up for Halloween or just love the thrill of haunted houses, thanks to a new website, now there's a way for you to know without a shadow of a doubt, the most terror-rich haunted houses to explore in America...

Haunting photos taken at gym
Fitness fans burning calories are not the only energy source inside the old Royal Hotel, with a medium claiming the building has "spiritual movement". The hotel was transformed into Bodyworks Fitness Centre three years ago, but several visitors have claimed spirits still linger...
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The Amityville Horror haunted house for sale
Those who were fans of 1979 shocker, The Amityville Horror can now get pretty close to the cultural phenomena: by owning the New Jersey house where the movie was filmed. That is, if they have a couple million lying around...

Amityville haunting survivor breaking his silence on 'The Amityville Horror'
Amityville haunting survivor Christopher Quaratino aka Christopher Lutz is one of the three children of George and Kathy Lutz. Christopher is breaking his silence taking issue with the facts regarding his fateful 28 days in what became known as "The Amityville Horror."..

Sitting in haunted room? Not a ghost of a chance, say cops
Police personnel here fight armed bandits and notorious gangsters but they just don't seem to have the spirit to occupy a room at a police station believed to be haunted for 10 years by a cleric who died in a road accident...

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