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Paranormal News for October 22, 2011


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs sought psychic healer, claims book.

Photo: Reuters

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Steve Jobs stalled life-saving cancer surgery to visit psychic healer
Walter Isaacson's forthcoming biography of Apple's iconic co-founder Steve Jobs revealed that the i-series of devices creator stalled his surgery, believing alternative treatments could cure his cancer. According to the new authorized biography Jobs, against doctors' recommendations, after being diagnosed with cancer in October 2003 delayed surgery for nine months...

Psychic claims he predicted exact date and time of 'Occupy Wall Street' beginning … and he has proof!
Now this is spooky. A Kansas City psychic is claiming that, back in January, he predicted the date and time - down to the minute! - that the Wall Street protests would begin. Not only that, but he has an audio recording of his prediction, and the prediction was written up by a local periodical shortly after he made it...
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Anderson Cooper spooked by mother Gloria Vanderbilt as she reveals she was 'contacted by Marilyn Monroe' via medium
Gloria Vanderbilt has spooked her son and even a professional psychic by being 'contacted by Marilyn Monroe' - and has revealed that she believes she is psychic herself. The actress, socialite, artist and mother of TV presenter Anderson Cooper, met with psychic John Edward who revealed that Monroe had something to tell the veteran star. On the host's daily talk show, Anderson, Mr Cooper spoke about his and his mother's unnerving experiences of visiting the medium...
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Paranormal society explores unknown
You can believe what you want about the possibility of ghosts or other spirits haunting homes and buildings, but sometimes there are things that are worth looking into. That's the message paranormal investigation groups said they wanted to pass along during an event. Often, there's a logical explanation for things that some might think are spooky, they said, but sometimes there isn't...
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The ghosts at Stans
One of the fullest descriptions of poltergeist activity is a nineteenth century case that took place in Stans, Switzerland...
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Queen Mary bartender haunted by ghost
Any bartender worth their margarita salt is going to draw regulars, but at least one of Leslie Schirmacher's regulars isn't your regular kind of regular. For 25 years, Schirmacher, 58, has been bartending at the Queen Mary, a retired ocean liner that was turned into a hotel in Long Beach, Calif. The Queen Mary has long been considered one of the most haunted places in America, but Schirmacher didn't start palling around with apparitions until three-and-a-half years ago when a customer pointed one out to her...
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Taking a new look: Patterson-Gimlin footage at 44
Loren Coleman: Every now and then, it certainly is good to step back, infuse fresh blood into an investigation, and take a new look. Today, on the 44th anniversary of the capturing of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage in northern California, let me share just such a virgin view of the film...

Werewolf on the loose in Woodbridge?
A werewolf is on the loose in Woodbridge, or is it? Police officers received a call Monday around 10:05 p.m. from a neighbor who reported seeing a suspicious creature roaming the area of Colchester Road and Randall Drive. Sightings have also been reported in Henrico County, near the Confederate Hills Recreation Center. A blog dedicated to all things werewolf says the sightings could be a hoax, given their proximity to a rec center, or there could be another likely explanation: Bigfoot...
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70-year-old dude leads expedition to find Bigfoot
A North Carolina man who has hunted for Bigfoot for decades says he will lead a four-day expedition to seek out the never-confirmed, man-ape creature. The Bigfoot hunter, Michael Greene, must be senile -- if the 70-year-old man hasn`t captured Bigfoot in four decades what makes him think he will find the mythical creature in a four-day expedition?..

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