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Paranormal News for October 25, 2011


Star jelly

Star jelly

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Up-to-the-minute reports of paranormal activity and news from around the world


Real-life Paranormal Activity: Are ghosts real?
The new horror film Paranormal Activity 3 features another set of amateur ghost hunters trying to document evidence of paranormal activity through the use of home video cameras. The twitchy, grainy video images of demons and ghosts have scared up hundreds of millions of dollars in box office gold in two previous installments of the low-budget franchise. It's all good fun for spooky cinematic scares. But what about in the real world?..
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Spirits Haunt Barrington's White Cemetery
Have you ever driven down Cuba Road in Barrington and thought you saw something out of the ordinary? Even ghostlike? You aren't alone. Dozens of people have claimed to see ghosts and other paranormal activity along Cuba Road, specifically around White Cemetery. The so-called haunted cemetery dates back to the 1800s, and its past is teeming with spooky legends. Chicagoland ghost researcher Dale Kaczmarek explains the paranormal activity associated with this spot...
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Ghost Hunter flashlight phenomenon explained? [video]
A YouTube video has surfaced claiming to debunk the flashlight phenomenon...

Remember the red ghost?
The Pittsburgh Press of November 27th 1982 commented on a long forgotten monster story known as the "red ghost of Arizona". As you will read from the original report, although the mystery was cleared up, another was created, making the "red ghost" a rather eerie enigma...


Bigfoot hunters detect signs of the hairy beast in Siberia
Stooping to the damp floor of a darkened cave, Anatoly Fokin picked some thin filaments from a muddy footprint. "I found some hair, some real hair," he said, pulling the strands apart. "And here there are more-maybe it was a girl." Mr. Fokin crept further into the chill, followed by a horde of television crews and photographers. Cameras illuminated more footprints and a bed of dried brush in a recess of the cavern. "This is unusual and good evidence," said Mr. Fokin, who dropped his full-time work as an architect to spend more time on hunts like this one. "A Yeti has been here"...

Is Bigfoot roaming the forests of Rhode Island?
Sasquatch; Bigfoot; or, in this case, Big Rhodey. Whatever you want to call him, the legendary ape man that has been the subject of grainy photos and eyewitness accounts for decades - but has never officially been found, dead or alive - is wandering around the more remote locations of Rhode Island, according to a local paranormal research group...

The Mogollon Monster
The Mogollon Monster is a "Bigfoot" creature said to live along the Mogollon Rim. He is reported to be a "bipedal humanoid" between 6 and 8 feet tall. Except for his face, he is covered in long, dark hair. Those who have encountered the Mogollon Monster speak of a strong, pungent odor similar to decaying fish, that surrounds the big fellow...


The real-life Blob: Is mysterious translucent jelly found in Cumbrian Fells from outer space?
The Lake District fells have been invaded by The Blob, a translucent jelly which is said in folklore to be from outer space. Within the past week the mysterious translucent jelly has materialised in and around the fells of Patterdale, Cumbria. While some put the mysterious goo down to meteor showers, others say the strange substance appears during rutting season. A similar incident inspired the film The Blob when in 1950 four policemen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, came across a huge disk of quivering jelly which measured six feet in diameter....

Argentina: New crop circles at Chicoana
Several days ago, circles and other geometric shapes appeared in the wheat fields. Today, there are claims that a strange circular object flew over the area -- sometimes at very low altitude. Several residents of the town of Chicoana in Salta -- where circles and geometric figures appeared only days ago -- claimed having seen a strange circular object flying over the area at very low altitude...


Girl set alight in "satanic ritual"
A teenage girl is in a coma after she and a friend were doused with petrol and set alight in an apparent satanic ritual. The girls, one 18 and the other 16, were among eight youngsters who went to a koppie behind the Linmeyer pool in Johannesburg on Friday night. According to Samantha Theologo, her 18-year-old sister Kirsty has 75 percent burns to her body from the waist up...

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