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Paranormal News for December 10, 2011


Cumbrian pub orbs

Cumbrian pub orbs

The Wolfe Pub

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American ghostbusters camp out at "haunted" Cumbrian pub
A Cumbrian pub which was last year at the centre of a spooky mystery has been probed by paranormal investigators from the US. The Wolfe pub in Little Dockray attracted national publicity after the News & Star revealed how its CCTV cameras had captured weird and inexplicable goings on in the dead of night. The footage showed a pulsating ball of light descending through the ceiling, moving around and then flying off at high speed. At one point, part of the shape appeared to reach out and move rapidly just above a table as if polishing it...
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An Olde English haunting?
Ye Olde English Inn on historic Downing Street in Hollister is haunted - at least that's what residents tried to tell Janet Dailey before she and her partners purchased and renovated the building. Now, an investigation by a Springfield-based ghost-hunting group seems to be confirming those suspicions, Dailey said...

The hunt is on for ghosts at Foster Town House
The town of Foster already has one ghost on the record books and a recent paranormal investigation at the old Town House may reveal more. Investigators from the West Warwick based Ghost Hunt Organized Search Team staged a search for possible paranormal activity at the Foster Town House...
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Bunyips, serpents & other creatures lurking beneath our waters
Australia certainly has its fair share of fearsome aquatic creatures, from the tiny but deadly irakandji jellyfish to the saltwater croc and Great White Shark. And there appear to be other … unknown creatures also lurking beneath our waters, like the human-devouring bunyips, Australia's own Loch Ness monster and whale-hating sea serpents...

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