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Paranormal News for January 24, 2012


Whittington Hospital Ghost

Whittington Hospital Ghost

Picture: Polly Hancock

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Whittington Hospital: Is this the ghostly image of a boy who died centuries ago?
This is the mysterious image which ghost hunter Leonard Low says proves that something paranormal lies beneath the Whittington Hospital in Highgate. The father of two was visiting a friend who was having surgery in the Archway Road hospital when he was told by nurses of "a strange presence" in the 19th Century arches deep underground...
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Ghost-hunters and the delights of dowsing
As anyone with a passing interest in the pursuit of ghosts will know, the ghost-hunter of the last 60 years has tended to go armed with a barrage of technical equipment and gadgetry. Amongst this impressive array of equipment, two items stand out like witchdoctors' wands on an NHS ward - pendulums and divining rods...
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If you see a Bigfoot, should you shoot him?
In the new Animal Planet reality TV show optimistically titled Finding Bigfoot, a team of experts examines video of an alleged Sasquatch spotted in the Canadian Rockies. The video, shot by a man named Todd Standing, shows something large and dark, standing atop a wooded ridge and then ducking back behind a bush. It could pretty much be anything, and when the experts concluded that the subject was probably not a Bigfoot, Standing expressed his frustration: "No video is ever going to be evidence, ever. It's never going to be good enough…"
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More Thunderbirds
Here is another eyewitness report of a large black bird. It also noticeably makes little of the bird's beak. The observations themselves support the existence of a nearby nesting pair, with the larger one showing aggression to fend of the noisy motorcycles. I have posted the only creditable photo from the late nineteenth century that claims to be this bird...
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Forgotten humanoid encounters
Scott Corrales: In the fall of 1996 I began work on my second book, Flashpoint: High Strangeness in Puerto Rico, not realizing that many cases from the 1960s and 1970s. Most of these cases involved a feature that isn't present in contemporary cases anymore - eyewitness reports of humanoids (and not so humanoid) entities...

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