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Paranormal News for January 28, 2012


Tim Stover Bigfoot print

Tim Stover Bigfoot print

Photo: Phil Masturzo/Akron Beacon Journal

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Should we declare open season on Bigfoot?
Every year, believers and enthusiasts provide heaps of secondary proof that Bigfoot exists: low-quality video, out-of-focus snapshots and the occasional fossilized "footprint." But it's not the quantity but the quality of proof that's lacking, MSNBC reports. These days the public will accept nothing less than concrete physical proof...

Ohio resident's quest to find Bigfoot to air Sunday
Tim Stover Jr. holds a 17-inch-long plaster cast of a strange impression he found in the woods at West Branch State Park in November. It was one of seven imprints that led from a creek bed up a hill, spotted by a friend several yards from where Stover discovered a deer that was untouched except for a snapped neck...

Fresno Bee reported on Bigfoot sighting in 1986
According to an article ran in the Fresno Bee in August of 1986, a five man construction crew was spooked by what they say was Bigfoot while working on a job. One day, as the sun was setting the five men heard a scream so loud and described the intensity of it as something that "sounded like a stadium loudspeaker. The scream came three more times, and one of the workers used a rifle to fire a warning shot in the air...

An interesting catch near Loch Ness
A couple of old clippings from 1934 which show that anything above a certain size found in that region of Scotland was up as a likely candidate for the Loch Ness Monster. So it was that this interesting photograph was published by The West Australian on the 29th June 1934...


Scots family's haunted house gets second exorcism from minister
A minister performed a second exorcism at a haunted house yesterday - after the ghostly goings-on got worse following his first attempt. The Reverend Keith Mack performed special blessings at the property a fortnight ago. But he was called back when Vicky Dann and her daughters, Jenna, 18, and Emma, 11, continued to see ghosts in the house in Dalkeith, Midlothian...
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There's a poltergeist in the milking shed
Something strange was going on in the milking shed on Laurie Wilkinson's dairy farm in the summer of 1949. Metal plates from Laurie's milking machine began to inexplicably fly off and out of the shed. When tied down, the milking machine would twist and contort. An iron bar was left embedded in concrete. Tin cans floated and spun in mid-air. Was there a poltergeist in the milking shed at Laurie Wilkinson's dairy?..
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Do solar flares affect the paranormal?
A majority of ghost hunting communities believe that in times of increased solar activity, paranormal activity is "stirred up". Why? It is common knowledge among paranormal investigators that spirits feed off energy generated by electrical sources such as electrical appliances and batteries. It is thought that ghosts often produce or disturb electromagnetic energy and need to fuel themselves with it in order to manifest...

Followed home by the ghost of Preston Castle?
On the phone she explains she used to work at Preston Castle in Ione, CA. Preston Castle has been named one of the most haunted places in America. There are twenty-three graves sites in a cemetery located near the famous haunted attraction. Most of these deaths seem to be caused by disease and nothing more. There was not a lot of violence at the Castle, it was a home for Juveniles...

Hull House files for bankruptcy...but where will the Devil Baby go?


Jeane Dixon's prophecies
Like most people who make their livings from pursuits like astrology and psychic prediction, Jeane Dixon was controversial. She was loved and defended by those who embrace New Age philosophy, follow horoscopes, and believe in the ability to predict the future - among them Nancy Reagan and Richard Nixon. Those who consider all things New Age to be so much woo-woo hooey considered her to be just another crackpot...

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