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Paranormal News for February 25, 2012


Eugene, Oregon Bigfoot tracks

Eugene, Oregon Bigfoot tracks

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Over 120 sequential Bigfoot prints found near Eugene, Oregon
Two weeks ago, on February 12th, a man named Toby and his friend, who is a hunter, discovered Bigfoot tracks near a tree line south of Eugene, Oregon. According to estimates by Thom Powell, Guy Edwards (BigfootLunchClub.com), and Finding Bigfoot co-host Cliff Barackman, the tracks consists of over 120 prints...

The Owlman of Mawnan: elaborate hoax or unsolved mystery?
The Owlman is generally believed to have been a piece of splendid hoaxing... though some people remain convinced that a large and mysterious winged creature did visit the village of Mawnan for a short time in 1976...

Bigfoot hunting airship developed by Falcon Project now funded
St. George resident, William Barnes, was looking for investors to fund the Falcon Project. When properly funded, they would attempt to capture footage of Bigfoot with an aerial camera mounted on a remote-controlled airship. The airship would be able to maneuver with the kind of precision necessary to track a fast-moving animal...


Noël Coward's my ghost writer: Julian Clary reveals how living in a house haunted by the playwright's spirit inspired the plot of his new book
Julian Clary is standing in the snow in a thick jumper outside his grand old country house. It is half-timbered, 16th-century and seems to be leaning into the snow. He is waiting to help me out of my car. The house used to belong to Noël Coward up until the 1950s and is haunted. Julian wants to make sure I don't slip in the snow because that's the kind of thing the spirits of the house do - make people fall over. Coward wrote Blithe Spirit and much of his best work here...

Granite Hotel a hostel for ghosts? Spirits said to haunt the old building; now where will they go?
The demolition of the century-old Granite Hotel in downtown Winder may be unleashing something that city officials haven't put in the contingency plans. According to a night watch commander at the Barrow County Detention Center, the hotel built in 1899 out of blocks of granite may have harbored dead spirits - or worse - that shop owners over the years have felt, heard and even seen...

Is the Santa Maria Inn haunted?
This week's Good Question looks into the mysteries of the occult... in Santa Maria. Many people have asked: What's the story on whether the Santa Maria Inn is haunted. Good, but spooky, question. Over 95 years, guests have told management they've had screw-in light bulbs pop out of sockets, and tv's and room lights turn on and off by themselves. This has happened after seeing something like a little girl in a red and white dress or partiers costumed in mid-1800's clothing...

Was Molly Brown house haunted?
Bill Boltinghouse: We lived at 423 Mark Twain Avenue until we got bought out and moved to 419 Riverside. My grandma owned the house there and her name was Nelson. I was born Sept. 13, 1948, at St. Elizabeth's Hospital. I went to Pettibone for two years before we had to move. I used to play out back of Denkler's store and walk up Denklers alley to school. Back then, the rumor was that Molly Brown's house was haunted...

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