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Paranormal News for March 3, 2012


Kerry ghost train

Phantom train is waking up people in the middle of the night.

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Noise from "ghost train" is driving residents mad in Kerry
Do you believe in ghosts? According to a rural parish in Kerry, a ghost train is driving residents mad and waking them up in the middle of the night due to the noise that the train makes. Spooky. The disturbing thing about this story, is that the little town of Beaufort doesn't actually have a railway line near it. In fact, the closest one is 15km away in Killarney...
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St. Petersburg's Vinoy hotel haunted, major-league baseball players say
The pitcher in the plush bed in his posh room at the Vinoy saw a faint light coming from near the pool outside. Scott Williamson of the Cincinnati Reds felt an odd, tingling sensation buzz through his body, almost as if he was being watched. He rolled onto his stomach, and all of a sudden it felt like somebody was sitting on his back, making it difficult to breathe...

Is Jackson County's Russ House haunted?
Could the Russ House in Jackson County, Florida be haunted? Paranormal expert Tracy Todd said he hopes to soon answer that question. "I'm going to try to find out if there is something there, why it's there, what it wants, and if we can help it," said Todd. Todd and his fellow ghost busters at Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts plan to converge on the building near downtown Marianna Saturday night. "What we'll do is we'll go in as teams. Everybody will be quiet and we'll start asking questions," said Todd...

Coco says she was molested by a horny ghost
Ice-T's wife Coco has revealed she is haunted by her own case of supernatural sexual harrassment. "I believe in ghosts because I had a perverted ghost at one time," Coco tells me on the set of HDNet talk show "Naughty But Nice." "It's true! During the day when you think of ghosts, you think of it being dark and foggy and misty outside but every time I saw or felt anything it was in the daytime and there was no fog out there"...
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Ghost in the groceries: Is Tonini's Italian Market in Berwyn Haunted?
For Taresa Goldman, co-owner of Tonini's Italian Market in Berwyn's Depot District, the proof that her store is haunted was in the cheese, not the pudding. Her employees had told her time and again that they heard voices calling their names, and neatly stacked bowls would fall off counters when no one was looking, but she never believed them...

Medium clears haunted house after two exorcisms by minister fail
Real-life ghostbusters have succeeded in banishing unwanted ghosts from a tormented Scots mum's home. After two failed attempts by a Church of Scotland minister to rid single mum Vicky Dann's Dalkeith home of spooks, the Midlothian Paranormal Investigations (MPI) stepped in to finish the job...

Gambia: "Evil spirit" attacks students at school
Ming Ndaw Upper and Senior Secondary School in Farato had to close around 10am Wednesday after many of its female pupils started fainting. Many believe the strange phenomenon was caused by an 'evil spirit' that has been tormenting young girls in schools across the country for some years now...

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