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Paranormal News for March 10, 2012



Mysterious flash of light on live TV in Phoenix
A mysterious flash of light occurred on live television in Phoenix, Arizona during a morning newscast on Thursday, March 8. The light flash appeared during a traffic update on local Fox affiliate Fox 10...


Meet the "psychic vampires"
If you've ever been in a crowded train or party and come back home feeling physically sick, angry, cranky, or irritable for no reason, you were probably subjected to an attack from a psychic vampire according to Sangeeta Krishnan, High Priestess, Maya Wicca Tradition...
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What hypnosis really does to your brain
Most people agree that hypnosis does something to your brain - specifically something that makes people make fools of themselves at hypnotist shows. But how does it actually affect the human brain? Can it make people recall events perfectly? Are post-hypnotic suggestions a bunch of baloney? What is the truth about hypnotism?..


US military seeks sixth sense training
Ordinary soldiers have sometimes shown a battlefield sixth sense that has saved lives in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now the U.S. military wants to better understand that "spidey sense" and train troops to tap their inner superhero instincts...


Preacher concedes apocalypse prediction wrong
Harold Camping, who convinced thousands of followers that the world would end, has posted an online letter conceding he has no evidence of an impending apocalypse and will no longer predict global doom...


High strangeness on audio
"There it is! There it is again! To the right - I've got it in sight again!" The pilot's voice is clearly excited. But the UFO, which flashes red and green colors, doesn't show up on anyone's radar. Even though air traffic controllers can see it for themselves, tracking the thing with binoculars. "It goes slow or fast?" asks one of the guys in the tower...

The ancient astronaut flaw - and it's not minor
The UFO Iconocast(s): While I'm rather sympathetic to Ancient Astronaut theories, in their various incarnations, the hypotheses fail in one major regard: If extraterrestrial travelers landed on Earth, millennia ago, and worked with humankind to create civilization(s) or societies and their cultural artifacts, those extraterrestrial visitors failed miserably...

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