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Paranormal News for May 19, 2012


Dinosaur cave paintings

Dinosaur cave paintings

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Going bump in the day: another "happy poltergeist" incident
We tend to think of ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists et al as sinister, but sometimes, some locations, they manifest in almost purely benign ways. Some of these repetitive phenomena may go on and on without even a "trickster" element in them the majority of the time. In a way, it's as if "they" [whatever "they" are] are merely going about their "lives" in some poltergeisty way, rather indifferent to our own...

A&E features story on haunted Bedford Tavern
A historic business in Bedford County is gaining national attention from A&E Network. It's now a hotel and restaurant, but the Bedford Tavern is proving to people that there's much more than meets the eye. The town is rich in history itself, but the Tavern has a number of its own spooky memories...

Exploring the haunted history of the Winchester Mystery House
You've heard of haunted houses, but what about a house designed by the haunted to keep the ghosts at bay? In San Jose, California, a house just of this nature exists. It all began back in 1862, when Sarah Pardee married William Wirt Winchester, the manufacturer of the infamous Winchester repeating rifle. Sarah gave birth to a daughter Annie, who soon died from marasmus at only 42 days old. This fact is intriguing, as marasmus is caused by a lack of nutrients, displayed as energy deficiency (wasting away)...

Ghost box
The subculture of pseudoscientific ghost hunting continues to evolve. Have you heard of a "ghost box?" It seems all you have to do is put the word "ghost" in front of something and it becomes technical jargon for ghost hunters, and also a great example of begging the question. A cold spot in a house is therefore "ghost cold." An electromagnetic field (EMF) detector becomes a "ghost detector." And now a radio scanner has been rebranded as a "ghost box." Of course no one has ever established that any of these phenomena have anything to do with ghosts, so they are putting the cart several miles ahead of the horse...


Dinosaurs in the Amazon?
On May 1, 2012, Vance Nelson and Harry Nibourg were on site in the Amazon Rainforest documenting authentic pictographs said by secular archaeologists to be over 5,000 years old. Amazingly, one of the pictographs showed nine warriors hunting what appears to be a dinosaur. Did dinosaurs live recently in the Amazon? The secular archaeologist enlisted to help them believes the dinosaurs in this region escaped extinction and lived with people...

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