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Paranormal News and Views for September 4, 2012


Goffe House ghost

Goffe House ghost

Julie Griffin

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Ghostly photographs at the Goffe House
These are the types of unusual elements seen in Julie Griffin's ghostly photographs taken at purportedly haunted spots throughout the Northeast. Griffin, a paranormal photographer from Meriden, gave a presentation of her photos at the historic 1711 Solomon Goffe House to raise money for the Meriden Historical Society...

A haunted couch?
If a pipe breaks you call a plumber, if your car breaks down you take it to a mechanic, so who do you call if you think your house is haunted? One store is actually selling what they believe is a haunted piece of furniture. Consignment Furniture in Waco has a couch from the 50's they say erased information from a computer and possibly even caused a death...

Those dam ghost!
Like many historic properties, the Boulder Dam Hotel has gained a reputation over the years for housing a number of ghosts. Unlike most locations however, the hotel does not try to capitalize on the spirits. In fact, it actively discourages any idea that the hotel is or may be haunted, and a warm reception can quickly turn cold if you begin asking questions related to the reported hauntings...


Professor puts academic cant on Bigfoot hunt
Academia is a lonely place for Sasquatch hunter Jeff Meldrum. Meldrum, who teaches anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University, might be the only college professor in the U.S. researching and publishing work on Bigfoot, or at least the only one putting his name to the subject...


"Paranormal Homerun" that has baffled everyone - explained?
We usually hear of pitchers utilizing killer breaking balls to earn need strikes in clutch moments, but how often do you see a batter hit what appears to be a curve ball in what Japanese baseball fans have dubbed the "paranormal homerun."..

Psychic Mark Edward reveals how he fooled people, spoke to the dead
Professional psychic Mark Edward Wilson is revealing the tricks behind his trade in his new book Psychic Blues: Confessions of a Conflicted Medium, reports the Daily Mail. For 40 years, the 61-year-old psychic, who goes by Mark Edward, has been making a living by pretending to talk to the dead and predicting the future...

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