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Paranormal News and Views for October 13, 2012


Aurora airship

The Aurora airship will help in the hunt for Bigfoot.

RATS (Remote Aerial Tripods) Inc.

Up-to-the-minute reports of paranormal activity and news from around the world


Researchers plan to use one-of-a-kind airship to search for Bigfoot
Fifteen years ago, Utah-based prospector William A. Barnes was on a solo gold-dredging expedition in the wilds of Northern California. One night, he heard something disturbing the rocks in the canyon above his campsite. Upon seeing its size, shape, and profile against the brightly-moonlit quartz hillside, he became a firm believer in Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Now, as the founder of The Falcon Project, he hopes to prove their existence once and for all - with the help of a state-of-the-art remote-control camera-equipped airship...

Bigfoot roams Panola County, sighting reported
A caller whom Panola County Sheriff Jack Ellett referred to as a reliable source contacted the Sheriff's Office Thursday evening, October 3, 2012, to report the sighting around 9 p.m. He said he knew it sounded crazy, but he thought he had seen a Bigfoot creature. He said he would have felt bad if someone got hurt by the creature, so he notified the authorities of the sighting as a precaution...

Akulivik woman recalls encounter with hairy Bigfoot
Maggie Cruikshank of Akulivik has an incredible story to tell. Late in the afternoon on a rainy, windy September Saturday she and a cousin went out from Akulivik to pick berries. "My cousin noticed something - she thought it was a hunter, but I ignored her because I wanted to go home while the sun was still up. Then, she started to be scared. I got up and looked to where she pointed. It was a very large animal, a Bigfoot."..

Mysterious monster eye washes ashore in Florida
Yesterday, Gino Covacci was walking peacefully by the sea when he found this: a gigantic, monstrous eye still oozing blood. Scientists haven't identified the leviathan who lost it yet. Was it a giant squid, a whale, or the eye from a titanic monster born mutant because of nuclear tests?..

Horror Heads to Hexham!
Imagine the scene: it's 1972 and two young boys, playing in their back-garden in the old northern England town of Hexham, unearth a pair of creepy-looking stone heads. Believed by some to have ancient Celtic origins, the heads seemingly provoke a wide and unsettling range of paranormal phenomena, including the manifestation of a bizarre beast in the area...


Seek the supernatural at Britain's most haunted locales
Britain's reputation as the most haunted country in the world attracts hordes of tourists every year, and few of its 10,000 reported ghosts are found anywhere as dull as a mere haunted house. Think creepy castles, moonlit abbeys, historic palaces and atmospheric ruins - as well as everyone's favorite, the haunted pub (where, at the very least, we guarantee you'll encounter some sinister spirits)...

TV ghost hunter uses 'ghost voice' in music
Zak Bagans, the ghost-hunting star of the popular Travel Channel series Ghost Adventures, is releasing music later this month that he claims includes the voice of a television actor's ghost...

Supernatural (and supercreepy) spirit photos of William Hope
In the early 1900s, there was a photographer in England who claimed he could communicate with the dead - and he could prove it: Spirits would actually appear in front of the camera for William Hope. So if you lost a loved one in World War I, for example, you could get a portrait made by Hope, and your loved one just might make a ghostly appearance...

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