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Paranormal News and Views for October 27, 2012


Ghostly footprint

Ghostly footprint

Paranormal Science Lab

Up-to-the-minute reports of paranormal activity and news from around the world


Haunted house exploration
A bare footprint on a dusty floor poses a mystery in a third-floor room of the vacant Olivia Apartments, Joplin. The prints, which appear to be stepping out of a wall and seem to lead toward an empty closet, were discovered Friday during a tour of the building led by members of the Paranormal Science Lab...

Proof of the paranormal on Main Street?
On Sept. 29, Menomonee Falls Patch joined investigators from Cream City Paranormal to perhaps catch signs of ghostly activity at Purloin Studio. Owner Susan Corkum reported seeing a female apparition at the front of the store, hearing giggling, and customers witnessed sparks above the checkout counter. Purloin handyman Cale Youngbeck also reported a mysterious shadow figure in the basement...

Kim Russo talks ghosts, what's haunting Regis Philbin
At a café in midtown Manhattan, a late-lunch assortment of New Yorkers dot the tables in what could be considered a fairly small crowd for 2:30 in the afternoon. But Kim Russo would probably say it's jam-packed. The Long Island, N.Y., resident sees beyond the latte-drinkers and customers ordering up salads. She sees people, she says, who others may or may not see - because these people inhabit the spirit world...

Marietta ghost mystery: Haunting of The Anchorage a well-known tale
Nestled low on the Oak Grove Cemetery hillside is the final resting place of Eliza Putnam. That is, it would be the final resting place if Putnam were not so eternally restless, according to local tales...

America's 10 most haunted cities
Come take a walk on America's dark side. Bloody battles, shady shanghaiing practices, built-over burial grounds, and natural disasters have left behind an unsettled past in towns throughout the country. See which 10 cities top the ranks among ghost hunters for high concentrations of hauntings...
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Unexplainable 'ghostly' happenings at Clarkston home
Doors opening on their own and writings appearing on the bathroom mirror are just some of the unexplained events that Clarkston resident Chip Travis has experienced since moving into his home six years ago...

10 theaters with frequent ghost sightings
It's one thing to sit in the audience and enjoy a spooky play or movie. It's another to stumble upon a legendary ghost in an empty hall. Maybe it's just because the buildings are old and creaky, maybe it's because we expect our emotions to get cranked up to 11 when we walk into a performance space, but these 10 theaters all come with at least one resident spirit...
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Ten haunted spots in Salt Lake City
When it comes to tales of the paranormal, City Hall isn't unique. Stories about hauntings in the northern end of Utah's capital city stretch from downtown to Memory Grove to the city cemetery that overlooks the Salt Lake Valley...
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What's the story with ghosts?
What do you think about ghosts? Millions of people claim to have seen them. Stories about them haunting the living have been told since man could communicate. They seem to be part of our existence but what do we really know about them?..

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