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Paranormal News and Views for October 30, 2012


Civil War ghost

Many ghosts still haunt Civil War battlefields.

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The Civil War: Ghosts still haunt Gettysburg and Antietam Battlefields
No war or conflict is quite as symbolically connected to the Halloween holiday as the 1861-1865 period of time. It takes but a few minutes of searching to realize that spirits, ghosts, and inexplicable sights and sounds seem endemic to many sites connected with the war period and thereafter...
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Are ghostly murmurs of scored lover heard in Jasper home?
Some say the voice of Lacy Merritt still echoes off the walls of a historic Jasper home. Her repetitive soft murmurs of the phrase "O Lordy, O Lordy" are a reminder of infatuation gone awry. As legend goes, a 22-year-old Merritt shot herself with a pistol on the home's front porch in 1866 after she was scorned by a lover who did not return her affection...

A broker to sell your haunted home
Cindi Hagley, a Prudential real estate broker who sells homes in San Francisco, says she grew up in series of haunted houses. The most frightening was a former funeral home in the small river town of Chesapeake, Ohio...
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Haunted houses have a storied history across valley
Historians are well aware that many local houses have a reputation for being haunted, although they don't put much stock in the idea of ghosts. "I don't know that I actually believe in ghosts," says George Kramer, an Ashland historic preservation consultant. "If there are such things as ghosts, they would be in older homes rather than new." Interest in ghosts has risen over the past 10 years, particularly among people looking to buy historical properties, he says...

Calgary's most haunted
It's her office space now, but at 3 a.m., when Gabrielle Primeau files paperwork, it's hard to ignore the fact the room was formerly used to embalm corpses. Primeau said some strange happenings - a pan flying off an oven and an attempted robbery when the would-be thief was apparently frightened off by something unknown - have even been caught on surveillance tape...

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