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Paranormal News and Views for November 3, 2012


Scene from The Exorcist

Scene from The Exorcist

Warner Bros.

Up-to-the-minute reports of paranormal activity and news from around the world


Exorcism boy lives in Washington, has children
It's one of the biggest questions about the most well documented cases of an exorcism in U.S. history. Whatever happened to the 13-year-old boy at the center of the exorcism performed by Jesuits at Saint Louis University? The story was the basis for the best-selling book and blockbuster horror movie, The Exorcist. With a few rare exceptions, the boy's identity has remained a closely guarded secret for decades. "He's still alive," said David Waide, SLU archivist...
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Haunted houses spook residents
One in three British homes could be haunted, if you believe the spooked respondents to a new survey from the AA's Home Emergency Response Service as part of its State of the Nation's Homes series of reports. The findings reveal that 32 per cent of British adults have noticed unexplained occurrences in their home that could be attributed to paranormal activity, such as unexplained noises, items moving or disappearing, or lights turning on or off by themselves...

Kansas City named haunted house capital of the world
Urban myth or not, hundreds of places across the United States are said to be haunted. Check 25 of the most haunted places in America as listed by USA Today, the Travel Channel and Time Magazine. Some people think Union Station is haunted after the 1933 Kansas City Massacre, and is just one stop on the tour of spooky spots all in downtown. Disembodied footsteps inside St. Mary's Episcopal Church are just one of the spooky signs that there is an extra presence between the pews...

New Hampshire has its share of ghosts, apparitions
Voices and footsteps when no one's around. Doors that open and close by themselves. Unexplained encounters with misty apparitions. For many, Halloween is a time for dressing up in frightful costumes, telling spooky stories and watching scary movies, all in the name of fun. But it's not all fun and games...

The haunting of Cry Baby Hollow
There are several places said to be visited by spirits in North Alabama. Several locations in lay claim to similar stories in places called Cry Baby Hollow. "Many years back, the old wives tales of a baby having lost its life in these Wheeler Flats here. And late in the night in the quietness, people have said that they hear an infant crying," said longtime Morgan County resident, Mike Corley...
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John Zaffis shares paranormal experiences
Zaffis has a 40 year career as a paranormal investigator, studying and training with famed paranormal, psychic couple Ed and Lorraine Warren, who just happen to be Zaffis' aunt and uncle. Referred to as the "Godfather of the Paranormal," Zaffis was 16 years old when he saw his first spirit, his grandfather...

Woman lives inside real haunted house
This is the time of year for tales of ghosts and haunted houses. But Angelita Bouche and her family don't need a special time of year; she believes they live in a haunted house. "Anyone sitting here on the couch will see an apparition in the hallway, out of the corner of their eye," Bouche said. "But when they turn around, there's nothing there." If that doesn't scare you; how about ghostly knocks on her bedroom door at 2 a.m.?..

12 haunted hotels that are home to ghosts and gastronomy
For years, the 103-year-old Otesaga Resort Hotel in Cooperstown, N.Y. was rumored to have paranormal activity. Add ghost hunting to your fall travel itinerary by booking a stay at a haunted hotel. Far from the stuff of theme parks, each haunted hotel on our list has a storied past filled with ghost sightings sure to make your fall trip brag-worthy...

Ghosts said to mingle with guests at haunted Arizona hotel
Manager Robin Brekhus was skeptical about her Arizona hotel's supernatural history until the day she went to the basement in search of candles during a power outage and glimpsed a figure in a long duster coat and cowboy hat in the beam of her flashlight...

Could your stuff be haunted? Ghostbusting the creepiest antiques
You can buy practically anything on the Internet, so why not ghosts? For shipping convenience, the ghosts have attached themselves to objects-often dolls, clowns, and idol figurines, or Ouija boards. But wearables like clothes and jewelry, art like paintings and photographs, as well as household objects like wooden boxes, furniture, and musical instruments seem to be popular places for lost souls to take up residence...
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Is this a ghost trying to get out at the Lit and Phil Library?
Ghostly goings on or just a draft? The Lit and Phil Library in Newcastle city centre may have had an early visitor for Halloween. They posted on Facebook: "Slightly spooky goings on in the library today... The Fire Exit door alarm went off this morning and upon closer investigation we discovered this on CCTV... what do you think about what happens 10 seconds in?..

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