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Paranormal News and Views for November 6, 2012


Vampire skeleton

Vampire skeleton - spiked into its grave

Daily Mail

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Rare skeleton of "vampire" discovered in Britain with spikes through shoulders, heart and ankles
Long dismissed as myth and legend, the vampire is associated with spooky stories or - for many teenagers - a Twilight heartthrob. But for those who lived in the Middle Ages, it was a deadly serious business - and they took extreme measures against anyone suspected of being able to haunt them in the afterlife. Now, details of one of the few "vampire" burials in Britain have emerged...
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Screaming spirits, unexplained voices and ghosts in the kitchen: Inside New Mexico's haunted saloon
You might expect to find spirits in a bar - but they're usually the kind that pour. Patrons of the Legal Tender in Lamy, New Mexico, have long reported some kind of intangible 'presence' in the bar, which stands on the site of an old saloon dating back to 1881, but things reached a spooky peak one night earlier this month..
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A haunted legislature in Winnipeg
She walks the upper galleries of the ornate legislative library late at night, when the lights are out and the only real people around are security guards. She wears a long dress more in keeping with the early 1900s than today's fashion. Her grey hair is tied up in a bun. She doesn't bother anyone. Her ghostly shadow moves silently, re-stacking illusory books, folders and binders. One time a security guard caught her reading at a table. When he asked her how she got into a locked room, she vanished...
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Paranormal? Sometimes the universe has grand sense of humor
The paranormal is not always scary, but rather a neat connectivity that may scream coincidence or synchronicity as your mind attempts to understand something that's just happened that probably shouldn't have. Case in point - The Vintage Lamp...

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