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Paranormal News and Views for November 10, 2012


Daniel Lutz

Daniel Lutz

Lost Witness Pictures

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Lutz still haunted by Amityville
Daniel Lutz, who claims he was menaced by spirits as a boy on Long Island, holds a photo of his younger self in the film 'My Amityville Horror.' That winter, George and Kathy Lutz and her three children from a previous marriage moved into a Dutch colonial house at 112 Ocean Ave, about 30 miles east of the city. Over the next 28 days, they contended, the family endured an onslaught of bizarre events that ranged from inexplicable hordes of flies to demonic visions...

Ghost captured on video at Manchester Arms pub in Hull's Old Town
When the landlady calls time, she is the visitor who refuses to leave. A spooky spirit affectionately dubbed "Beryl" has been causing mischief at The Manchester Arms in Hull. She flickers lights, turns off machines, plays with hair, causes floods and has even been captured on CCTV. Lisa and Mark Fowler took over the Old Town pub ten weeks ago and have been experiencing some spooky goings-on ever since...
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Dead voices in 'haunted' Avon home
The last place you'd expect to find a haunted house is in a beautiful housing development in Avon full of newer homes and perfectly manicured lawns. But Annie Carrissimi, of Ohio Ghost Hunters EVP Investigations, says there are at least 10 spirits living in her house and she talks to them all the time...

Student finds evidence of paranormal activity in Dayton
Yellow Springs is a small town located approximately 15 minutes away from Wright State's campus. "Yellow Springs in itself is one giant ball of haunted-ness," Wright State graduate student and paranormal investigation enthusiast Zachary Moore said. Moore himself said that during an investigation downtown around 11 p.m., he and some friends saw a person's full silhouette for a few seconds, until it vanished. He said the silhouette had an unusual color tone, one that was not common on a human...
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Basketball star says his house in Utah is haunted
Utah Jazz fan favorite Enes Kanter gave an entertaining interview to Kyle Gunther of 1320 KFAN in Salt Lake City. Kanter touched on many funny topics such as his absurd diet, his bucket list, and his rookie hazing experience. The 2011 No. 3 overall draft pick also told Gunther that his home in Utah is haunted...


Scott Norman Memorial Expedition in search of Mokele-mbembe
Friends and fellow explorers of the late Scott Norman, will be embarking on an expedition in his honour on November 14th. Bill Gibbons, Andrew Gibbons and John Kirk will join forces with French explorer Michel Ballot as they continue to seek evidence for the existence of the reptilian cryptid known as Mokele-mbembe...
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Tales of the Australian Bigfoot
What is more unbelievable: a ghost, a flying saucer, or a yowie? Obviously the last. We know very little about the intermediate state of the soul, we know even less about life in outer space, but we know that a big, hairy ape stomping around marsupial land - and quite undetected by science - is impossible...

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