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Paranormal News and Views for November 13, 2012


Black-eyed kids

Black-eyed kids

Up-to-the-minute reports of paranormal activity and news from around the world


New Black-Eyed Kids Report From Pennsylvania
For those of you who are new to this curious subject, Black Eyed Kids are described as young children ranging in age from 8 to 18. They are most often said to emanate an aura of malevolence, but the most shocking aspect of these "children" is their solid black eyes. Eyes that seem to look inside you and touch your innermost fears...

The science behind our strange, spooky dreams
The realm of sleep and dreams has long been associated with strangeness: omens or symbols, unconscious impulses and fears. But this sometimes disturbing world of inner turmoil, fears and desires is grounded in our day-to-day experience, sleep researchers say...


Philly has been a hotbed of haunting reports
Here are some notable reports of hauntings throughout the years in Philly: Benjamin Franklin: Founding father, randy ghost. Franklin's ghost is said to roam Library Hall on 5th Street near Chestnut and he's reportedly thrown back pennies that were tossed on his burial site at 5th and Arch streets for good luck. The ghost has also been accused of pinching a cleaning woman's buttocks at Library Hall...

Ghost hunter investigates "Haunted" LI Pizza Hut
We've long since suspected something was amiss at Pizza Hut, but it appears there might be more than rat droppings haunting the red sauce. This week, a video surfaced featuring a Long Island-based ghost hunter investigating the bathroom of the "infamous haunted Pizza Hut" in Centereach...
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Woman claims she has haunted toaster
A woman featured on TV claims she has a haunted toaster possessed by the devil in this viral YouTube video...


The creature of Loch Ulladale
Beneath a certain mountain on a certain island lies a small loch by the name of Ulladale. Situated in the windswept south of the Isle of Lewis and Harris, there are no trees to offer wayfarers shelter and, indeed, there was something there in days of old which offered the very opposite in the way of hospitality. We talk, of course, of the Each Uisge or Water Horse, one of the waters across Scotland's terrain that was reputed to be home to this pernicious and devilish pursuer of men's flesh...

Cryptozoology: The hunt for "hidden" animals

In Jefferson, Texas recently, a group of like-minded (or should we say, like-obsessed) people gathered to swap stories of strange sightings ... mysterious animals and elusive creatures lurking in the deep woods. There's a scientific name for it: Cryptozoology. Loren Coleman explains: "'Crypto' means 'hidden.' 'Zo' means animals. 'Ology' means the study of. It's the study of hidden or unknown animals."..

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