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Paranormal News and Views for November 20, 2012


Indonesian creature claw

Villager shows a sample of the animal's claw that has been cut into half.

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Indonesian villagers mystified by strange animal attacks
An Indonesian plantation worker and a 75-year-old farmer got the shock of their lives when they were attacked by an unknown animal species in two separate occasions earlier this month. The farmer, Aris Kuna of Kampung Paon Gahat, was attacked by the rare animal while attending to his pepper garden about noon. The foreigner, however, was attacked a week later at a plantation near Kpg Baing while gathering oil palm fresh fruit bunches around 9am...

Woman snaps creepy photo of "Mothman" through peephole
Is this a photo of the often menacing, always elusive Mothman? A woman by the name of Sharon Davis thinks so, after all, she snapped the photograph through the peephole of her apartment. It's so hard to find nice neighbors these days...

What the numbers say about the Patterson-Gimlin Sasquatch
The numbers referred to are measurements of the proportions found in humans and the other primate; they are the measurements found between the shoulders, hips and knees, and the measurements that are between the shoulders, elbows and hands. There are several differences such as skeletal, muscle placements on the skeleton and ratios...

The Bigfoot portfolio
There is some evidence that Bigfoot exists. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (yes, that is a real thing) submits several pieces of evidence on their website. People see Bigfoot, and descriptions are always the same. People of European descent have been sighting the creature in North America for over 400 years. And Native American legends go back as far as...well, legends...

Mystery Monday: Did Kentucky town fight off aliens in 1955?
A mysterious event back in 1955 inspired some of Hollywood's most famous movies, including E.T. and Poltergeist. The event? A Kentucky family claimed to have been visited by aliens from outer space. LEX 18's Adam Winer took a trip back the the scene of this alleged alien encounter for LEX 18's Mystery Monday...

Professional Nessie hunter still seeking beastie after 21 years
In the Scottish Highlands is a mystery that has intrigued the world for generations: the Loch Ness monster; real or just a local fable, preserved to lure in the tourist dollar? One man, Nessie hunter Steve Feltham, is a believer - so much so he left his job, house, and girlfriend to dedicate his life to proving the creature's existence. Steve Feltham lives in a caravan on the shore of Loch Ness, and makes clay figurines of Nessie to help fund his dream...

Scientists estimate at least one third of marine species remain unknown to humans
It's been said that we know more about space than we do about our own ocean, and now a group of scientists have quantified what sea creatures we may still not know of. After compiling an open access, online database of known marine species with the help of more than 270 experts, researchers estimate that the briny depths may be home to a total of one million species, with one third of them potentially remaining entirely unknown...

Do Yetis kill humans?
During Assistant Director Jeff Meuse's exhibiting of traveling displays from the International Cryptozoology Museum in New York City, he visited the Rubin Museum of Art. While there, he discovered intriguing imagery on a cloth painting...
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Lake Champlain plesiosaurs

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