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Paranormal News and Views for November 24, 2012


Police dash cam Bigfoot

Did a police dash cam catch Bigfoot running across the road?

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Sasquatch DNA study announcement
Team of American scientists led by Dr. Melba Ketchum for five years has analyzed 109 purported samples of such creatures. The study has sequenced DNA of a novel North American hominin, commonly called Bigfoot or Sasquatch. After 5 years of this study the scientists can finally answer the question of what Bigfoot/Sasquatch really is. It is human like us only different, a hybrid of a human with unknown species...

How fast is a Bigfoot? This police dash cam video gives us an idea
In May of 2009, a police officer and city worker were on their way to a function together when the unexpected happens. Phil gives a breakdown to enhance the old footage and give us all a better look. Is this fake or real?..
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Why are Bigfoot rumors so persistent?
The cryptozoological faithful are convinced that monstrous beings must be out there, just out of reach. If you browse the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website, for example, you'll find more excuses than hard evidence. Despite the ubiquity of smartphone cameras and the accessibility of camera traps, there are no clear photographs of the mythical ape...

Bigfoot on the loose? Residents report an eight-foot hairy apeman with demonic red eyes stalking Tunbridge Wells, U.K.
The peaceful countryside that surrounds upmarket Tunbridge Wells is being stalked by an 8ft ape-like beast with 'demonic' red eyes, according to local residents. The creature, which is said to resemble the mythical Bigfoot, has even been spotted by a walker near to the town's common...

New York State: There's no Bigfoot
That hairy and impossibly tall creature you saw in the woods that time? The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation says it was not Bigfoot. "This mythical animal does not exist in nature or otherwise," according to a Nov. 6 letter from DEC's Chief Wildlife Biologist Gordon R. Batcheller...


The Pacific island that never was
Sandy Island 'may turn up nearby' after geologists find no trace of it despite featuring on Google Earth and various maps...

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