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Paranormal News and Views for December 8, 2012


Haunted SamB's restaurant

Paranormal activity abounds at SamB's restaurant.

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Ke$ha, Lucy Liu and other celebrities with sexy ghost encounters
Paranormal encounters aren't unusual, but having sexual experiences with ghosts? That's a bit out there. It actually has a quasi-scientific explanation. In the world of dream research, an incubus encounter is an experience where you're awakened while sleeping, but have hallucination-like visions. ..

Paranormal activity served up above SamB's
Sandy Daum has worked at SamB's Restaurant for more than 20 years and when she works late nights alone, she sometimes catches herself looking over her shoulder. The third floor of the restaurant is rumored to be haunted and Daum believes the rumors...

Haunted house of God?
Almost half a century has gone by since mass was celebrated inside the old Immaculate Conception Church. After the building that now houses Holy Family Catholic Church was built in the mid-'50s, the the Catholics moved out and the building became a recreational facility before getting to the state it's in today - abandoned and up for sale. But it appears former the spirits of some parishioners never left, and at times the energy has been so strong it has stayed around in a residual form...

Searching for paranormal activity at Stamford's Palace Theatre
RISEUP Paranormal CT is conducting an unprecedented public investigation in search of evidence to support the long-standing history of paranormal activity reported at the legendary Palace Theatre...


Dr. Melba Ketchum's Bigfoot DNA paper has been rejected
The Ketchum paper has been rejected by peer review journals in the U.S...

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