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Paranormal News and Views for January 1, 2013


TV ghost face

TV ghost face

Up-to-the-minute reports of paranormal activity and news from around the world


Paranormal corner: A Christmas visitor
The holiday season is that one time each year when family and friends who may not see each other often are sure to gather together. In Linda Lopez's case, she was visited by a ghostly guest each Christmas while she lived in an East Commerce Street apartment in Bridgeton between 2004 and 2009...
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14 spooky pictures that suggest ghosts are very, very real
It's a question that has stirred debate for centuries: Are ghosts real? We've scoured the Internet to find pictures of ghosts that suggest they are very real - and very into having their pictures taken. We challenge doubters to re-evaluate their stance after seeing these 14 ghost pictures, especially after taking a hard look at number 9...
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Talk of Texas courthouse being haunted still going around
Like many old buildings, there are stories about how the Willacy County Courthouse might be haunted. Jessie Garza, who works in the auditor's office, doesn't pay much attention to such stories. "I work for months here late at night, trying to get out reports," she said. "Sometimes I leave at 1 a.m. I've never seen anything." Yet she's heard talk about the long-abandoned jail on the third floor...

Haunting in the hills of Fiji
Are the spirits of the dead in our midst? Do they come and visit us and try to say something? Or do they cry out for help and send a chill through your body and make your hair stand? Those who have been through some spooky experiences would agree that the dead do live among us...

New Hampshire executive mansion ghost tales stir spirited discourse
Sometime after Maggie Hassan is sworn in as the state's next governor, she may come across things that hint of some freeloaders occupying the state's executive residence. The state's outgoing first lady, Susan Lynch, last week passed along some stories alleging strange goings-on in the Bridges House in East Concord...


Dreams of prophecy: Evolution and the biology of psychic phenomenon
In the modern world, the mystery of psychic phenomena seems to coexist alongside itself, straddling rather fractured grounds between doubt and believability. While science still remains unable to prove conclusively that certain individuals can see into the future or read the minds of others, there nonetheless seem to be instances where "proof" exists, supporting that these things can, and often do, occur...

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