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Paranormal News and Views for January 5, 2013


Transparent alien

Transparent alien?

Up-to-the-minute reports of paranormal activity and news from around the world


UFO group releases transparent 'alien' photo, image expert consulted
A UFO watchers group in Taiwan has been seeking image experts' insights on what seems to be a photo of an "alien being" taken at a hiking site in Taitung County. The photo has been featured on local news, sparking a debate between skeptics and believers...

In ancient meteorite, hint there was life on Mars
A meteorite found in the Sahara, one of the oldest ever to come from Mars, offers evidence that life could have existed there more than two billion years ago, researchers say...

Curiosity rover studies rocks and a 'flower' on Mars
The cameras on NASA's Curiosity rover have been clicking away over the holidays - gathering enough pictures for a 360-degree panorama of its rocky surroundings at Yellowknife Bay, plus a close-up view showing a "Martian flower" seemingly sprouting from the surface...
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Video: M.K.Davis discusses a possible second Sasquatch in the Patterson film and other anomalies
Criss crossed footprints, Trenches dug with the heel of the foot, bursts of light and a possible second Sasquatch are discussed here...
(Also see: The Patterson-Gimlin film)

The Wild Man of Western Port, Australia: As big as a man and covered with hair
According to the indigenous tribes of the area, and many of the colonists who first settled there, the nearby mountain ranges of Western Port were once home to a fearful large, hairy creature that often walked holding a stick, built shelters from the weather and had once attacked a a camp and carried away women and children. To the Western Port tribes it was known as "Bundyllcarno"...


Shirley MacLaine says "Downton Abbey" castle is haunted
Shirley MacLaine evidently brought more than her acting skills across the Pond when she joined the cast of "Downton Abbey." (The Globe's Sarah Rodman previews Season 3 here.) MacLaine, the Oscar-winning actress who plays socialite Martha Levinson, the American mother of Elizabeth McGovern's Lady Cora, also brought her spirituality and said that "Highclere was haunted and the pictures came off the wall"...

Paranormal weekend haunts Crescent Hotel
In Eureka Springs, the Paranormal Weekend is giving guests a closer look at America's most haunted hotel this weekend. The Crescent Hotel and Spa is giving ghost hunters a chance to check out the most active rooms in the hotel, on their own...

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