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Paranormal News and Views for January 8, 2013


Texas UFO

Landed "UFO" in Texas


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Texas witness claims security camera captured landed disc UFO
A Texas witness at Cotulla included one frame from an oil company security camera depicting a "disc-like" UFO on or near the ground in a January 5, 2013, report, claiming the image has already made the rounds among employees, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database...
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Phoenix Suns haunted by ghosts
Be afraid, be very afraid: Phoenix Suns' ghost stories have been much more intriguing than their game stories. And yes, we said - ghost stories. As in spooky, scary, haunted hotels...


Children investigate "Creature From Curridge"
With the identity of the fantastical beast dubbed the "Creature From Curridge" still a mystery, pupils from the village school have decided to investigate. The bushy-tailed, long necked creature was spotted by West Berkshire businessman, Don Prater, at about 4.55pm on October 3...
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Bigfoot or Canal Man in Ohio
The mere mention of Bigfoot can draw anywhere from skepticism to fascination and it has been that way for a long time. Bigfoot is also known by a number of other names of which includes," Grass man" given to a creature reportedly seen in the Akron area...

Bigfoot sightings: Where Bigfoot lives in North America
Think you'll never spot Bigfoot where you live? Guess again! Bigfoot sightings are on the rise in North America, and the big guy is seen in all kinds of different climates and geographic regions. Bigfoot is everywhere, from the stark and frozen north to the hot and swampy south...

Todd Standing teases evidence of Montana Bigfoot
Canadian Bigfoot hunter, Todd Standing, offers this latest video clip as a small preview of what he claims to have gotten from Montana. Check out the blinking Bigfoot at the end of the clip...
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