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Paranormal News and Views for January 26, 2013


Aldgate Station

The ghost of an electrician haunts this station.

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The strange tale of the Aldgate Station Ghost
There are endless stories of ghosts haunting the London Underground but one of the most "electrifying" tales of supernatural activity has to be the strange case of Aldgate and the suspicious spectral old lady who made a shocking appearance in the twentieth century...

Welcome to the Hotel Paranormal
In the basement of a restored concert hall dating back more than 100 years, paranormal investigator Lisa Nyhart opens her Ghostbusters-style metal suitcase of gadgets and pulls out a Spirit Box, which uses radio frequencies to monitor EVP, words and noises from the beyond described as Electronic Voice Phenomena...
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Guests are on the lookout for ghosts at Virginia's Centre Hill Mansion
Fear of ghosts in the Cockade City (Petersburg, Virginia)? Some people wouldn't be surprised with all of the historic buildings that give the city its character. However, one building stands out, dignified as a host to not only President Abraham Lincoln and President William Howard Taft - but apparently Civil War soldier ghosts.

French haunted house can be yours for only one euro
An alleged haunted house in France is currently up for grabs on Facebook. The price of this cursed property: one whole euro...


Seeing double: Twin marries twin, and they have identical twin boys
Identical twins Darlene and Diane met identical twins Mark and Craig Sanders at a twin convention. Darlene and Mark fell in love and got married, as did Diane and Craig. Diane and Craig have since given birth to identical twin boys. The two Sanders families talk about their unusual family situation...


Canadian government to explore source of mysterious 'Windsor hum'
The Canadian government announced it was launching a study into the source of the mysterious "Windsor hum," a loud vibration that has caused complaints from citizens in the Ontario border city for nearly two years...

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