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Paranormal News and Views for February 19, 2013


Star jelly in Somerset

Star jelly found in Somerset, U.K.

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Green "space slime" baffles nature experts
An unexplained jelly-like substance which is said to occur during meteor showers has been found on a wildlife park in Somerset. The green slime has been occurring on the banks of pools at Ham Wall Reserve...


Do you believe in ghosts?
It's a question that has been pondered by people all over the world for centuries. Many of today's top paranormal investigators actually entered the world of "ghost hunting" because of their prior skepticism...

Possibly haunted mirror will add a touch of evil to any house
You can buy a lot of weird stuff on eBay, but this "very possibly haunted" mirror might be the scariest item on sale. Its imaginative seller claims that, since he and his roommate found the Victorian-style mirror and hung it in their London apartment, they've woken up "screaming in pain," felt "a sense of impending doom," and spotted "flickering shadows" reflected in it...

True Blood star encountered ghost at haunted winery
True Blood star Kristina Anapau saw a ghost while filming new movie Sighting at a haunted winery in Sonoma, California. The actress, who plays fairy Maurella in the vampire drama, portrays a writer/director on the hunt for real spooks in the new film - and she found one while relaxing between takes...

Carole Compton poltergeist: The nanny they called a witch
In May of 1982 a series of strange events transpired in three different homes across the city of Rome, Italy. Religious paintings would fall off the walls, objects were being hurled across rooms, and fires would spontaneously ignite whenever the twenty-year-old Carole Compton was near...
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Does fear drive kids' paranormal experiences?
Children are often said to be more sensitive, or "open," to psychic and paranormal experiences. The idea is that there is wisdom in the ignorance and inexperience of youth and that adults rarely see entities or have such experiences because their minds have been closed off by logic and skepticism to the magic and wonder of the world...
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