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Paranormal News and Views for March 2, 2013


Mass bird deaths unexplained

Mass bird deaths still unexplained

Up-to-the-minute reports of paranormal activity and news from around the world


Mass bird kill still unexplained phenomenon
The case of the mysterious mass bird kill that took place on Boyds Creek Hwy. Dec. 30 of 2012 and has been under investigation since is formally considered closed by state officials. Originally feared to be linked to poison or chemical exposure, the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency took three of the nearly 60 bird carcasses into a lab for investigation...

Muddy footprint adds to mystery in cow death on South Whidbey
The mystery of the dead cow with the skin removed from half its face deepened this week with the discovery of a strange looking footprint. The cow's owner, Diane Schneider, said farmhand Javier Meja came across the track and photographed it with his cell phone...


Paranormal investigators probe spooky happenings in nightclub's basement
There's something very strange and spooky going on in the basement of a popular nightclub in Pittsburgh's Strip District. In fact, some experts say they've never seen anything like it...

Paranormal activity caught on CCTV
Aside from those captured on CCTV, other odd stories will also be shared by some Barangay employees like a typewriter that types on its own and a fire that did not burn or destroy anything inside the hall. Do the ghosts just want to make their presence felt or do they want to send a message? Or are they harbingers of bad things to come?...
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Was this carwash haunted?
A columnist writing for the Jarrow and Hebburn Gazette in England said he was asking for ghost stories from his readers when one in particular stood out. The story came in from a former carwash worker in England who said he, along with his former co-workers, believed the carwash to be haunted...

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