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Paranormal News and Views for March 5, 2013


Pennsylvania Bigfoot

Pennsylvania Bigfoot

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Pennsylvania Bigfoot video
This is the video that will be investigated on Finding Bigfoot...

A Bigfoot sighted near Bristol, Virginia began a reign of terror
A peaceful-appearing little mountain located near the Old Jonesborough Road between Bristol and Abingdon was once shunned by residents of the area because it was thought to be the domain of a fearful creature known as "Bigfoot." The remains of this creature were buried on this mountain but the grave site is now lost...

The chupacabras returns
Thirty chickens met an untimely demise on the property of José Martínez and his wife Jeami in Barrio La Hueca. The couple had gone off to a birthday party on the previous night, returning home an hour before midnight...
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Forensic lab confirms paranormal evidence, ghost hunters claim
Members of GPS believe they have captured definitive proof of the afterlife at the Chattanooga Public Library. Global Paranormal Services have been delving into a supernatural mystery at their local library for over a year now, and this Friday, they'll be visiting again to not only continue their investigations, but to unveil evidence of that they say is definitive proof of the afterlife...
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True Blood star keen to channel her paranormal skills
True Blood star Kristina Anapau is learning to channel her supernatural gifts so she can better understand the forces that visit her. The actress, who plays fairy Maurella on TV, reveals she has always had a connection with ghosts and the paranormal - and she's keen to find out more about her abilities...

Haunted by trauma, tsunami survivors in Japan turn to exorcists
The tsunami that engulfed northeastern Japan two years ago has left some survivors believing they are seeing ghosts. In a society wary of admitting to mental problems, many are turning to exorcists for help. Tales of spectral figures lined up at shops where now there is only rubble are what psychiatrists say is a reaction to fear after the March 11, 2011, the disaster in which nearly 19,000 people were killed...

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